Great Office Secret Santa Gifts for 2020

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Great Office Secret Santa Gifts for 2020

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Secret Santa time is coming: the time of year when you may need to purchase surprise gifts for people in the office. In any year, those purchases can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have the chance to connect personally with your colleagues during the course of your work day. Throughout 2020, however, you may have had even fewer chances than usual to connect with and get to know your colleagues.

What can you purchase your colleagues this year?

1. Fitness gear.

Throughout 2020, many people have focused on fitness as never before. Do you know that your colleague has been exercising more often or trying out a new type of exercise this year? Try out some of these fitness gear options.

  • A fantastic water bottle
  • Cooling towels
  • Cooling shirts or other workout gear
  • Fitness dice to help shake up those workouts and keep things unique
  • Home gym equipment, including exercise bands or hand weights

2. Health-related gifts.

Showing concern for your colleagues’ health has become much more common this year–and your Secret Santa gift could be the perfect chance to show it off. Consider offering a health-related gift for your colleagues as you do your holiday shopping.

  • A gift card for a local healthy meal prep service
  • A miniature humidifier to keep things comfortable in the office–or in your colleague’s home office
  • A gratitude journal–mental health this year is more important than ever!
  • Seeds or starter plants for an herb garden: add greenery and improve air quality in your colleague’s environment

3. General wellbeing gifts.

2020 has been hard for everyone. As you’re shopping for your colleagues and planning a Secret Santa gift, consider offering something that can help improve their overall sense of wellbeing. While you can’t take away the stress that has come along with this difficult year, you can provide them with options that can help melt away some of that stress and help your colleagues overall feel better. As an added bonus, less stress can make your colleague more productive and creative! Try:

  • Scented candles (make sure you know there are no allergy concerns!)
  • Bath bombs or bath salts
  • A fuzzy blanket: this year, people are looking for comfort more than ever, and a fuzzy blanket is a great way to deliver!
  • Mindfulness books
  • A unique coffee sampler or set. There’s nothing quite like that first cup of coffee in the morning, and special coffee can make your colleagues feel even better!
  • A special tea sampler. For this year, focus on relaxing teas that will be sure to help your colleagues shake off some of that stress.

4. Cleaning gifts.

Let’s face it: many people have spent 2020 cleaning everything in sight. It’s been a year unlike any other, and you want to support your colleagues in staying healthy and clean. Consider some of these great cleaning gift ideas.

  • Cleaning wipes. These are still hard to come by, so if you package them the right way, they can turn into a great gift option!
  • A visit from a cleaning service. Depending on your budget for Secret Santa gifts, this could be a great way to help your colleagues reduce some stress and stay in a cleaner environment this holiday season!
  • A miniature tabletop vacuum
  • A special gap brush or scrub brush to help clean out all those tiny crevices.

Are you having trouble shopping for your Secret Santa this holiday season? Try out some of these gift ideas to spread a little holiday cheer while maintaining a focus on health, wellness, and mindfulness. Thanks to your mindful gift-giving, you can help your colleagues relax and focus on better times ahead in 2021.

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