Four Office Spots You Should Clean Regularly

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Four Office Spots You Should Clean Regularly

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Whether you have a home office or work in an office building, some parts get overlooked when it comes to cleaning. Since people focus on the floors, tables, and other obviously messy areas, they will forget about the finer details. If you plan to clean the office space, you should look into these four spots. This way, you can make your office cleaner by addressing the areas people tend to ignore.

Blinds and Window Sills

While people may remember to clean the windows, they may overlook the blinds and the sills. When it comes to blinds and sills, you need to dust them off and remove the dirt. You can do this by dusting them regularly and using a cloth to clean off the dirt. This will involve putting cleaning solution and water on the cloth to scrub off the dirt. Make sure you use a dry cloth afterwards to remove any remaining residue.

You should dust the blinds every week or two to make them look clean. You can wipe the dirt down every two months if you leave the windows closed. If you tend to open the windows, you should scrub the blinds and sills every month.


Despite how often people use doors, they sometimes forget to clean them. You should clean doorknobs and doors regularly to make sure they look clean. When it comes to doorknobs, you can clean them every few days or every week, depending on how often people touch them. You can keep it simple by using sanitation wipes to clean off the doorknobs in a few seconds.

When it comes to the door, you should wipe it down with a dry cloth, and then clean it with a damp cloth and cleaning solution. If you have wooden doors, you can also use wood polish. You should clean them every month or so and use wood polish as you see fit.

Keyboards and Mice

Since many offices have computers, they need to have their keyboards and mice cleaned. Even though people tend to have their own computers while working, it doesn’t hurt to maintain these important parts. After all, if you don’t have a functioning keyboard and mouse, then you won’t be able to do your work. By cleaning keyboards and mice regularly, you can properly maintain them.

Be careful as you clean these devices since you don’t want water to get inside them. Also, if you have multiple people using the same keyboards, you should clean them daily. If not, then you can clean them every week or month, depending on how often people use them.

Undersides of Desks

Since people will clean the top of their desks, they will sometimes forget about the undersides of them. Sure, they don’t get exposed to people often, but they will still get dirty with time. Make sure you use a cloth with cleaning solution to remove any grime. You should also get underneath the desks and look since people may stick gum under them. You can also dust them every other week to keep them clean.

When it comes to cleaning the underside of desks, you can do this every month or so. However, you should also check under them every two weeks to see if you notice anything that needs to be addressed immediately.


As you clean the office, you should make sure to clean these four areas. Since people tend to forget them, they may be filthy at first. With this in mind, you should spend some time cleaning these areas and doing so again every once in a while. Keep these cleaning tips in mind to make sure you clean them properly and as often as necessary.

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