Four High-Contact Surfaces Cleaning Staff Should Focus On

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Four High-Contact Surfaces Cleaning Staff Should Focus On

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Cleaning services need to do their best to maintain a commercial building and clean the most essential parts. Otherwise, they run the risk of areas becoming dirty, broken, or damaged with time. Some areas require more cleaning than others, since they may face more contact from employees and customers. If you want to send your cleaning services in the right direction, you should gear them toward these four areas.

Desks and Chairs

People spend plenty of time sitting at desks and on chairs, so they need to remain clean. Generally speaking, you can clean desks and chairs with your standard cleaner, but you should also consider the material. For example, you should use a wood-safe cleaner if you have wooden chairs or desks. You can also use stain removers and fabric cleaners if a chair has any fabric or cushioning on it.

Since people tend to use their desks daily, you should perform a basic cleaning on them each day. They should then receive a deeper cleaning at the end of the week to avoid unnecessary germs. Chairs can get by with a weekly clean rather than daily scrubs.

Tile or Wood Flooring

Even though carpet flooring needs attention as well, tile and wood flooring can quickly become dirty. As people walk with their shoes on during the colder months of the year, they may track in dirt or snow. This can then cause damage to the floors and potentially ruin them with time, so they require attention when necessary. On top of this point, tile and wood floors tend to show dirt and smudges easily.

You want to use your standard floor cleaner for these floors. However, if you have wooden floors, you should dry them immediately to avoid water damage. You should also sweep them daily, clean the dirty spots daily, and completely clean them every week.


Various people enter the bathroom throughout the day. As they do so, they may use the toilets, wash their hands in the sink, and dry their hands off after they finish their business. Since the bathrooms receive plenty of traffic, they may quickly become dirty. This means you should use a bathroom cleaner on the sinks, window cleaner on the mirrors, and toilet bowl cleaner on the toilets.

Due to the nature of bathrooms, you should clean them consistently. This means you should assign someone to check on them throughout the day, so he or she can address any immediate messes. No one wants to enter a dirty bathroom, so they need to be cleaned a reasonable amount.


People tend to forget about doorknobs. However, so many people touch them throughout the day, they quickly become dirty. This means the cleaning crew should clean them at the end of each day. They can do this by using a standard cleaning solution, but they should immediately wipe it off afterward. Otherwise, they run the risk of damaging the doorknobs.

Generally speaking, doorknobs need attention at the end of each day to avoid problems. Since so many people touch them, they can cause diseases to easily spread without others realizing it. Make sure your cleaning crew goes to the doorknobs, gives them a proper cleaning, and does its best to maintain the building.


If your cleaning services want to focus on the most important areas, they should consider the points above. Each one helps them clean areas where people tend to go, so they can keep those areas clean and prevent diseases from spreading. They can also make the commercial buildings look nicer as they clean the right places. As they do this, they can help the business with daily operations while avoiding any unnecessary dirtiness.

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