5 Ways to Keep Pests at Bay in Spring and Summer

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5 Ways to Keep Pests at Bay in Spring and Summer

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The warming temperatures of spring and summer aren’t just welcome news to us humans – all manner of domestic and commercial pests thrive in these seasons as well. While mice and rats may be a fairly constant complaint throughout the year, flies tend to breed more freely as springtime rolls around and by the time summer is knocking at the door, ants, fleas and even cockroaches are on the increase.

With that in mind, here are five top tips for keeping those pesky pests at bay in the workplace this year.

1) Clear the clutter

Disorganisation and debris are the building blocks of the common pest’s home. With more paraphernalia cluttering up desks and debris blocking floor space, there are simply more opportunities for pests to scurry around unseen. Clearing away unnecessary mess and sweeping right into the cracks will discourage pests from making their home in the first place or identify trouble hotspots if they’ve already got the jump on you.

2) Organise the office kitchen

Food stored in loose bags or unlidded containers is the perfect invitation for a creepy-crawly to call your office kitchen his home. Organising the fridge and cupboards can be a difficult enough task in a domestic setting, but when there are umpteen employees occupying the same space, things can really get out of hand. Operate a strict airtight container policy for all foods brought onto the premises and you’ll reduce the chances of an insect or rodent invasion significantly.

3) Don’t stand for standing water

Almost as big a problem as unattended food scraps, standing water is a magnet for midges, mosquitoes, fleas, flies and all manner of other unwanted guests in the workplace. Make sure both the bathroom and kitchen do not have standing water in them at any time, including servicing leaky taps if necessary. Consider investing in a dehumidifier if you notice any parts of the office are becoming too damp, as removing excess moisture can work wonders in deterring pest infestation.

4) Harness the power of plants

Did you know that ants and other pests can’t stand the smell of certain herbs? Mint, pennyroyal (peppermint) and rue are excellent additions to any office windowsill, since they require little maintenance and can help to discourage ants from entering through sill cracks or open windows. Plus, they can also help to cleanse the air, provide a stimulating aroma and spruce up the place all at the same time.

5) Call in the professionals

If things are getting out of hand and you suspect you have an infestation on your hands, it’s prudent to call in a professional pest control team. Fully trained and qualified, the experts will be able to conduct a thorough evaluation of your premises, recommend an appropriate course of action and carry it through to a satisfying conclusion.

For a definitive end to the problem, there’s simply no substitute.

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