5 Ways to Improve the Office for Spring

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5 Ways to Improve the Office for Spring

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Known as the season of rebirth and regeneration, what better time to breathe a new lease of life into your office than spring? Take advantage of the warmer days, shorter nights and improved moods that these bring to kickstart 2018 in the workplace with these five handy ways to improve the office and banish winter once and for all (or at least, until the end of the year).

1) Declutter

It might be something of a cliché, but there’s value in the idea that a tidy desk equates to a tidy mind. Studies have shown that office workers operating in a clean and well-ordered environment are likely to be happier and more productive than those working in relative disarray. Over time, things have a tendency to build up around the office space (stationery, equipment, memos and other assorted knickknacks) so spring can be a great time to get rid and declutter.

2) Dust the office down

Now that there are more square inches of desk surface and floor carpet visible, you might notice that there’s an accumulation of dirt, dust and other unwanted detritus around the place. Take the opportunity to get rid of those dust particles, hair balls and flecks of lint that congregate around power cords and in the corners of desk drawers. Alternatively, if you don’t fancy undertaking the job yourself, employ a reputable cleaning company to take care of the spring clean for you.

3) Let there be light

Take advantage of the lengthening hours of sunshine to let more natural light into your building if and when possible. Alternatively, you may wish to rethink your lighting setup altogether; it’s becoming more and more popular to allow each individual employee to control the amount of light they need to boost their own morale, performance and health. Furthermore, with only those lights which are needed in use, you’ll likely save a packet on energy bills.

4) Go green (figuratively)

Speaking of conserving energy, the growing global consciousness of the world’s environmental problems means that there has never been a time to take stock of your company’s ecological footprint. Pursuing renewable methods of energy generation and reassessing your waste and recycling policy are just two of the ways in which you can do your bit for Mother Earth and enhance a sense of community and commitment in the workplace in one fell swoop.

5) Go green (literally)

Aside from adopting green practices, you can also spruce up the office by adding a touch a greenery to its décor. Abundant plant life in the office has been proven to improve employee morale and increase levels of comfort, but having a selection of potted plants around can also work to improve air quality and reduce exposure to harmful toxins as well. For a low-maintenance, high-impact solution, succulents and cacti are excellent alternatives to traditional cheese plants and shrubbery.

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