Five Easy Habits to Keep Your Workspace Clean

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Five Easy Habits to Keep Your Workspace Clean

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Keeping your office workspace clean can be hard if you want to build up good habits. After all, if you don’t think about it and use your desk, you could end up making a large mess before you know it. However, you can develop some useful habits to help you avoid messes and keep your space clean. We want to talk about five habits you can start today to properly maintain your workspace.

Eat Somewhere Else

Some people develop a bad habit of eating at their desks. Whether they do it during work or a break, this habit can lead to unnecessary messes for you. You should take your food somewhere else and eat there. This approach allows you to keep your area clean by stopping crumbs, spills, and food from getting on the floor.

Not only will you keep your important work equipment safe, but you will avoid making a mess in that area, which can interrupt your work. Instead, you should eat in a break room or anywhere else.

Have a Place for Everything

You should always have a specific spot you can leave your various belongings. For example, if you have papers you need to go through, you can put them in one drawer and use another drawer for papers you already went through. Either way, you should avoid leaving papers and clutter on your desk. Otherwise, your desk will become unorganized, leading to a mess.

You can always put papers on your desk as you use them, but put them back in their intended places when you no longer need them.

Empty the Bin Daily

If you have a bin near your desk, you should empty it once you finish the work day. This may seem tedious, but you will avoid other issues as you do this. For example, you could find yourself in a position where you have a full bin, but no more room to put your rubbish. This could then cause you to mound it up, running the risk of your bin spilling over.

Just take some time to grab the bin and empty it once you pack up for the day. By doing this, your bin won’t get gross by having old rubbish in it overnight.

Clear the Desk After Work

Also, you should take some time to clear off your desk once you finish with work. This should include taking any papers and moving them, along with anything else that shouldn’t be on your desk. By doing this, you will return to your workspace the next morning with an inviting atmosphere. You can also get straight to work since you won’t have anything left over from the day before.

On top of this, you can minimize your risk of losing anything by clearing your desk off after work.

Vacuum Regularly

It never hurts to vacuum the area around your desk. Even if you don’t eat at your desk, you will have hair and particles fall to the ground, so you should vacuum every once in a while. This will depend on where you work and the type of floor you have, but you should do it often enough to keep it clean.

However, make sure you vacuum when others aren’t doing something to avoid unnecessary distractions and problems for those around you.


If you want to keep your workspace clean, you need to develop consistent habits. That way, you can apply them to avoid getting your office space dirty in the first place. As you focus on maintaining these habits, you will make it easier on yourself when you need to clean the space. Feel free to review and use these different habits, so you can avoid unnecessary messes and cleaning sessions.

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