Ensure Your Clients Health and Safety with this Practical Cleaning Checklist to Keep Your Dental Office Spotless

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Ensure Your Clients Health and Safety with this Practical Cleaning Checklist to Keep Your Dental Office Spotless

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Remember when you last heard someone say that they just loved going to the dentist? Most likely, you probably don’t, since going to the dentist at best for most people represents a dull outing and, for many, a dreaded one.

Dental offices now go out of the way to make the visit less stressful and even pleasant through music and comforting visual displays. But, one thing a dental patient should ever worry about involves the cleanliness and safety of the office and equipment.


Don’t forget these areas of your dental office when creating a checklist:


Cleanliness and sanitation represent essential requirements for a functioning medical or dental office. Dealing with the COVID-19 over the past year exaggerated the need for hygienic surroundings. It seems the entire world stocked up on disinfectant sprays and wipes over the last fifteen months.

In a dental office, you should always keep disinfecting products on hand. Additionally, the entire office needs to reflect a clean and safe place for all the clients and the staff. Consider this checklist to make sure your office meets the necessary and standards for client approval and comfort:

  • Make sure the sterilization method for your equipment meets the current standards and that you implement it routinely.
  • The lobby or waiting area represents the first impression for new patients. The floors and counters need regular, thorough cleaning and disinfecting. The area should also contain no clutter—store magazines and other reading materials in a designated rack. Provide a place for clients to hang their coats. In between thorough cleanings, dust the area and use disinfectant wipes for high-contact surfaces.
  • The patient rooms should measure nothing short of immaculate. Chairs and other surfaces need a thorough cleaning after each patient finishes using them.
  • Washrooms in a busy office need attention daily when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting. Toilets, sinks, floors, and counter surfaces should, of course, receive a thorough cleaning and disinfecting, but don’t forget about handles, facets, and doorknobs. If possible, provide a no-contact hand dryer or, at the very least, disposable towels.


We can help:


Regional Services began serving the London area over thirteen years ago. With over 700 clients and counting, our professional cleaning staff knows how to get the job done right. We adhere to your schedule by offering our services during the day and evening hours. We also provide effective, environmentally safe cleaning products.

Medical and Dental Cleaning Services:


With over 60 medical and dental clients, we make sure our staff gets the training required by CQC or Care Quality Commmission guidelines. The CQC represents the industry regulator for health and social care management.

By following CQC guidelines, we make sure our staff does a safe, caring, and effective job. We follow the fundamentals that impact our medical and dental clientele:

  • All premises and equipment must meet cleanliness standards to qualify as suitable for use.
  • Safety measures in care and treatment represent a priority.
  • Service providers must receive dignity and respect.

We also follow the appropriate guidelines for COVID-19 in the way of spotless cleaning and contacting our clients with any related concerns.

As a dental care provider, your profession ensures the dental and overall health of your patients. Certainly, you want to focus on your important work and don’t possess the time to clean your office. At Regional Services, we specialize in doing the best cleaning job possible.

We will help you make sure your clients feel safe and cared for as they undergo dental procedures. To learn more about our services for medical and dental offices or any of our other services, please contact us here. We would love to talk with you

Regional Services

Regional Services

Regional Services are an experienced commercial and office cleaning company based in London. Regional Services are an award winning and fully accredited cleaning company who provide a full range of facility management services and expertise including cleaning, maintenance, waste removal, pest control, gardening and more.


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