Enjoy a Safe and Clean Summer Barbeque

Summer Barbeque

Enjoy a Safe and Clean Summer Barbeque

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Enjoy a Safe, Clean Barbeque This Summer


During the warm summer months, it seems as though everyone wants to enjoy a great summer barbeque. If you’re gearing up to grill your favourite foods, however, you need to be sure that you keep things clean and tidy throughout the area to ensure that it is as safe and clean as possible for your guests. Keep these tips in mind as you’re preparing for your barbeque.

1. Keep Out the Pests

There’s nothing worse than a picnic called on account of ants or a barbeque where the bugs outnumber the guests. The wrong bugs can spread disease throughout your dishes or leave your guests itching for days after the event is over. Before your barbeque, make sure you bring in the pest control specialists! Tiki torches may be ineffective, and even citronella candles and other measures may work for only a few feet around the device itself. Instead, make sure you use professionals to treat your space. They can help eliminate pesky bugs and make sure that the day is more enjoyable for everyone.

2. Learn Safe Food Handling

In general, cooked food should be left out for no more than two hours. The same holds true for refrigerated foods like milk, cheese, and many of the puddings and creams used to make your favourite summer dessert. In summer weather, bacteria can grow quickly, and it doesn’t take long for germs to spread. Before your barbeque, make sure you have a good idea of how to handle the food you expect for your event. Basic food handling precautions will help keep your guests safer and prevent the spread of illness. You may need to wait to pull out certain foods until the right moment, or you may need to make sure that you clean up at a specific time to avoid food spoilage. If food sits out too long, make sure you throw it away at the end of our barbeque instead of trying to save it for later: more bacteria continues to grow after the food has been refrigerated, and it may not be safe to eat.

3. Make Sure Your Space Starts Off Clean

Since you’re at a barbeque, you will probably be outside. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to put up with animal droppings and other hazards around the area. Before you begin your barbecue, make sure everything, from the grill to the surfaces where you plan to serve food, is clean and germ-free. Not only will it be more visually appealing to your guests, it will help prevent illness through bacterial contamination.

4. Clean Up After Your Event

In addition to making sure everything looks its best before your barbeque, you want to make sure that everything is clean and tidy after, as well. You want to clean up any food remains so that you don’t attract animals and bugs to the area, and you may need to clean up any messes that your guests have left behind you. For many people, cleanup is the most frustrating part of the barbeque. You had a lot of fun, but now, you have to deal with the aftermath! Make sure, however, that all rubbish is picked up, food is cleared away, and your outdoor space is returned to the same condition it was in before your event.

Do you need help making sure that everything is clean and safe for your next event? Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer, from pest control treatments leading up to your barbeque to cleanup when your event is over. You want a fantastic barbeque where everything is tidy and germ-free, and we can help make it happen.

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