If your office tenancy is coming a close this summer, then you might want to start thinking about a successful get out. You’ve got a brand new commercial space to look forward to, but it’s also important to leave a good impression on your current landlord. Tenancy agreements vary, but the resident company is likely to be responsible for some of the cleaning duties before a new tenant moves in, and the choice is yours whether you hire a commercial cleaning company or ask the staff to get stuck in.

Make sure you take a look at the tenancy agreement so you don’t waste time on tasks which aren’t part of the contract. Here are some general cleaning tips for vacating a commercial property.

Valuable equipment and filesimage of an office room

A good place to start is by packing up what’s important ready to take to the new office, including sensitive information and vital documents. This is a good opportunity to clear out really old files which don’t need to be kept anymore, and make a pile for shredding and recycling.


If the office has a kitchen or break area, then this part of the office will require a deep clean before you leave the premises. A good level of cleanliness is crucial in the kitchen where food is prepared and consumed, but it can often get neglected. Empty the fridge completely and wipe down all the shelves inside. Next, empty all of the cupboards and do the same – wipe the insides to remove crumbs and sticky spills, and wipe the outside of the cupboard door. If you have a microwave, do the same so both the inside and outside looks as if it’s brand new. When it’s time to tackle the work surfaces, try and remove any stains by scrubbing and make sure the entire kitchen looks spotless. The last job is to sweep and mop the floor to a high standard. Remember, if you leave the kitchen in a bad state then you’re leaving a bad impression of your business.

image of a kitchen sink

Work area

Once all the furniture has been removed you can make a start on the office space. If the windows look dirty you should make the effort to clean the inside of the window and the frame. If there is any furniture which you don’t own and it’s staying in the property, polish it and make sure it looks in good condition. Last but not least it’s time to clean the floor. If there is a carpet which looks old and worn, you may consider hiring a special carpet cleaner to give it a boost. Wooden floors should be swept and mopped before leaving the building and embarking on a new adventure in a new office.

If you need a helping hand, then a local commercial cleaning company will be happy to take care of your end of tenancy cleaning jobs.

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