What are the Duties of a Concierge?

What are the duties of a concierge?

What are the Duties of a Concierge?

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A concierge often works on the front desk at a hotel, office block or apartment building – and their primary job function is to help you get where you need to be, or find what you need to find. To sum it up, they’re there to keep you happy and to help wherever possible. Here is a quick summary…

  • Welcome customers upon arrival,
  • Confirm any reservations or meetings they have,
  • Provide services if guests require special assistance with anything,
  • Understand the guests needs at all times, and anticipate any requests,  
  • Provide guests with personalised recommendations,
  • Be able to provide additional information about the local area,
  • Arrange events, day trip, reservations, excursions, transportation etc.,
  • Take messages on behalf of the guest / customer.

Here are some traits all great concierge possess…

Hotels and Hospitality industries need a lot of upkeep, concierges provide the first port of call, but it’s the cleaning and upkeep that make a dig difference in these locations.

They make a great first impression

The concierge at a business (whether that’s a hotel, office or apartment block) is usually your first impression of the team, or staff who work there. Because of this, it’s key that concierge members make a great first impression. They’re usually very put-together, neat and friendly.

They’re friendly and efficient

A concierge is all about being helpful and being efficient, so that if you need help with something, they can find the answer as quickly as possible. Being a concierge is also a very face-to-face role, so they are almost always friendly, confident and outgoing.

Local knowledge is crucial

You never know what you might get asked when working as a concierge, so it’s important to have lots of local knowledge. If someone asks where the nearest steak house is – the concierge should have an answer to give pretty quickly off the top of their head. Same goes for more practical requests – such as where the nearest post box is, or where the nearest public transport is. A concierge will have incredible local knowledge.

A concierge has fantastic connections

People who work in concierge often get asked strange requests, or get asked to source things from around their local area. It may be something like a specific brand of shampoo, or it could be finding a certain type of food available on delivery. Because they never know what the request could be – a concierge will have a list of fantastic local contacts to pull favours from if they need to.

Always go above and beyond

A great concierge will always put in that extra effort and time to make their guests happy and relaxed. The best people from hotels around the world are talented and highly crucial members of staff.

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