The Difference Between Cleaning at Home and Cleaning in the Office

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The Difference Between Cleaning at Home and Cleaning in the Office

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If you love keeping your house spick and span, then you may think you’re qualified to keep the office clean and tidy too. However, there are some major differences between domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning to consider. Firstly, an office or commercial building is usually a lot bigger than a house, which means a lot more work. It also has to be cleaned to an extremely high standard for the large number of staff members and visitors which pass through the building.

To understand why many companies hire specialist cleaning services, we’ve highlighted some of the main differences between residential cleaning and cleaning for a corporate environment.

Health and Safety Standards

First of all, businesses have a duty of care for everyone in their building, and this means they need to be extra careful with upkeep of the property. All companies have to comply with health and safety standards, which includes providing a hygienic environment to work in. For example, if there is a spillage or wet floor due to bad weather and somebody falls over, a business could face a compensation claim.

With this in mind, businesses have to ensure commercial spaces are clean and safe every day. Specific standards must be met, especially if the business serves food and drink or is responsible for care, such as a hospital. When cleaning at home, the homeowner can choose their own standards of cleanliness.

Larger Scale

Commercial cleaning is often on a much larger scale than domestic cleaning operations. This is not just because of the increased space, but also due to the number of people that use the building. Because of the number of employees and visitors a business has, and sometimes the activities which take place in a corporate environment, cleaning is required more regularly than in the home. Sometimes specialist cleaning equipment is needed, and these tools would never be needed in a standard house for domestic cleaning purposes.

Man Power

Domestic cleaning usually only requires one person. On the other hand, commercial cleaning can be such a huge job that a team of cleaners are needed every day to complete all the necessary tasks. For many offices, it wouldn’t be suitable to hire one cleaner to do the job – a team of maintenance experts and cleaners are required.

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Regional Services

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