When it comes to garden design, perhaps small city gardens present the biggest challenge. Whether you have a roof terrace, a small balcony, a concrete courtyard or a patio, a commercial garden requires careful design and planning. Urban gardens also call for regular maintenance; you may not have a lawn to mow but you’ll still be growing something that needs looking after.

Image of planting an office garden

Creating an inspired outdoor space isn’t always easy when you have a cityscape to deal with. No matter the size of the space you have or how urban it is, there are always ways to make it stylish and inviting. Here’s a few tips from our gardening experts about landscaping city gardens and outdoor areas.

Rooftop garden or terrace

If you want to create an attractive rooftop space which isn’t just haunted by the smokers of the building, then you need to treat it like a garden. Many bars have installed artificial grass on rooftops to give this effect. The main way you can improve a rooftop is with colour, trendy furniture and lighting. Choose some seating which fits in with the rest of the building – benches, deck chairs, metal tables and chairs. Finally, give the rooftop a warm feel by adding special lighting. String lights are inexpensive and create a welcoming atmosphere.


Many office blocks have a courtyard of some sort, but if it looks dull and unkempt then people are unlikely to want to sit outside in it.  A courtyard is typically a meeting place or used for reflection, so you should include lots of seating and places to relax during a work break. You need a focal point for a courtyard – many have a tree or a fountain in the centre which the rest of the design revolves around. This type of urban space also opens up possibilities for planting and nurturing, from bushes and shrubs to colourful bedding plants. If the courtyard is surrounded by high walls, install vertical climbers to give a greener feel. Keep the paths clean by jet washing the paving stones regularly.Office Garden Landscape

Balconies and patios

When you’re short on space you can still create a beautiful oasis if you know how. If you can’t plant in the ground, plant in pots, jars and hanging baskets to add colour to the space. You can also try to incorporate a living wall which is the latest trend in interior and exterior design.

Need a little help maintaining your urban garden? Keep it looking its best with a regular commercial gardening service.

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