Have you heard the concept of making your bed in the morning to have a productive day? The same idea can be applied to an office – if it’s clean and tidy then the space will encourage people to work harder. It might seem trivial, but a clean office can have a huge impact on your business.

So just how is a clean office good for business? Keeping employees healthy and focused is crucial for the company’s success, and the environment they work in makes a big difference.

Increased productivity

Many offices are extremely busy places, and employees have a heavy workload to get through each day. They need to stay focused to achieve optimum productivity and efficiency, yet there are many distractions. A main distraction is clutter and uncleanliness, and the environment in which you work can have a direct impact on concentration. If there is a bad smell in the office or employees are leaving rubbish everywhere, staff will be easily distracted and lose focus. Ensure a clean office and you’ll reap the benefits of increased productivity.

Improve health and wellbeing

The environment you spend a lot of time in can impact your health and your mood. An unhygienic workspace can have physical and psychological effect, and an untidy or cluttered space can also have negative impacts when you try and focus for long periods of time. People spend the majority of their lives at work, so it’s important they feel happy and safe in their work environment. A clean and tidy office which promotes a positive atmosphere can improve the health and wellbeing of the workforce, and create happier staff who are less likely to look for a new job.

Ace the first impression

Of course it’s not just your employees who you want to impress, it’s any visitor to your office. Do you think a prospective client or supplier would be impressed by a dirty or messy office? A clean space is the first requirement of forming a good impression. Make sure that all of the senses are impressed as they will all be used to judge the all-important impression of your company as a whole. All parts of the building must be sparkling clean from the washrooms to the reception area, and the easiest way to ensure everywhere is spotless is by hiring commercial cleaners.

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