How to Clean an Art Gallery

keep an art gallery clean

How to Clean an Art Gallery

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There are many reasons why it’s crucial to keep your art gallery clean and presentable.

Why to Keep Your Gallery Clean

Firstly, an art gallery is a space to display and present works of art and beautiful items. In order for visitors and customers to focus on the art which you’re displaying, you’ll want to ensure the space around the art is tidy, clean and presentable. The last thing you want is for dirty marks, or dust to be distracting from the real stars of exhibit.

The second reason to keep your art gallery clean, is to ensure the art itself stays in good condition. For example, if you have sculptures, or even canvas paintings – these are exposed to the environment and air around it. Keeping this air clean, and keeping toxins and dust to a minimum will keep the art in perfect condition for as long as possible.

The third reason to keep your art gallery spotlessly clean, is because it reflects upon the artists and their clients. An artist won’t want to exhibit their work in a messy or unclean gallery, as it detracts from their hard work, and may reflect badly on their pieces too.

And lastly, the fourth reason to keep your art gallery clean, is to ensure customers view your gallery as high-end and upmarket. Buying art is a very exclusive activity, and you want your gallery to reflect the significance of the occasion. If your customer is spending thousands on a painting or sculpture, they should feel relaxed in their environment.

An art gallery houses beautiful pieces of art, so it’s crucial to keep your gallery clean.

How to Keep An Art Gallery Clean

Tip 1: Ensure you clean regularly, as dust can have a bad impact on certain paint and materials. By cleaning daily, you ensure the art is always displayed beautifully.

Tip 2: Focus on glass surface because these tend to attract grease, smudges and dust. When glass is dirty, it can really stick out in an art gallery, so make sure you have invested in a good glass cleaner.

Tip 3: Don’t ever put cleaning product directly on paint. It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how often people make this mistake. If you’re ever unsure what can and can’t be cleaned – contact a professional.

Tip 4: Don’t just focus on obvious areas, make sure you dust right in the corners, and even amend any scuffs or marks on walls. In galleries (especially those with white walls) little marks on the walls can really stand out in a negative way and detract from the art itself.For further help, contact Regional Services.

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