What Changes does Summer Bring to the Office?

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What Changes does Summer Bring to the Office?

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Summer is finally here – which unfortunately means that the last place your employees want to be is in the office! When we’re lucky enough to have to good weather we want to be outdoors enjoying the sunshine, rather than slogging away in a hot office. That’s why managers and business owners need to be creative and try to make the workplace as enjoyable as possible during the warmer months.

Warm temperatures can bring a change of dynamic to the office, but it can also bring some unwelcome problems too. Staff need a cool environment in order to be productive, and you might be more likely to find unwanted visitors. Here’s some office management tips to keep in mind for the summer.

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If the sun is shining, people want to spend as much time outside as possible – why not make your outdoor areas look inviting? Whether you have a tiny rooftop or a large courtyard with a lawn and fountains, staff may want to enjoy their lunch al fresco or take a break for some fresh air. Take care of your gardens by hiring a garden maintenance professional or a gardener who can brighten up urban spaces.

Air con

The air conditioning system is probably the most important part of the office during a heatwave. If a problem stops it from working, you can bet your employees stop working too. Make sure you get it checked out at the start of summer and keep up with maintenance checks throughout the year.

Bug infestations

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Creepy crawlies love the hot weather and you might see more around during the summer. Flying insects are a nuisance but they don’t generally cause much harm unless you find a wasp’s nest nearby. Look out for ants and cockroaches in the kitchen area, and if you do fall victim to an infestation find a local pest control service straight away.

Smelly waste

Warm weather intensifies the decaying process, which means the waste disposal area can begin to smell very unpleasant and attract swarms of flies. This can become a problem in prolonged periods of high temperatures, and you may wish to increase the frequency of waste disposal pick-ups.

A change in weather means a change in office management!

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