You may have heard of the ‘power of plants’ but just how can indoor plants be used in the workplace? Greenery in the office can make a space brighter and nicer to look at, but is there any science to prove that plants can improve concentration, boost employee wellbeing or productivity?

As a matter of fact, there are a number of studies which show a positive connection, which has made way for the trend in green offices. The interior design of a workplace can have an effect on employee performance, and adding natural elements, including living plants, can increase creativity and boost wellbeing.

A Human Spaces report picked up by The Telegraph found that office environments with plants and natural light can boost wellbeing and creativity by 15% and increase workplace productivity by 6%. The study looked at 7,600 workers across 16 countries, and is just one of many research projects which shows that simple additions such as plants can have significant results for any business.

Another experiment, designed by the University of Exeter and Indoor Garden Design, found that office plants can boost wellbeing by as much as 47%. The office design study took place at the Chelsea Flower Show, and measured visitors’ creativity, productivity and happiness in various workspace designs.

With 350 participants, the experiments concluded that workers in a personalised office environment enhanced with plants have increased wellbeing (47%) creativity (45%) and productivity (38%).

Biophilic design

Bringing nature into the office can have a number of benefits. Numerous studies have confirmed that office plants increase creativity, productivity and wellbeing in addition to reducing stress. This is thought to be because of the theory of biophilia, which refers to the connection humans feel to nature. In urban environments and workplaces we are often enclosed in spaces with little natural light and no plant life, which can affect our ability to function and concentrate properly.

Biophilic design is a type of interior design which is often applied to office spaces. Rooms with greenery can foster creativity and as plants increase oxygen levels, the cleaner air can reduce tiredness.

Decorating an office using the fundamentals of biophilic design can increase profitability as well as staff morale. It doesn’t cost much to add plant life to a work environment, yet the positive effects will be noted across the company. A clean and natural office makes sure employees can work to their best ability.

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