Benefits of Hiring a Professional Painter and Decorator

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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Painter and Decorator

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As you enter your workplace in the morning, do you often feel sudden despondency or depression? Perhaps you typically feel this when setting eyes on part of the building that needs a refresh or overhaul. Still wondering “Why hire a professional painter?” Here are several good answers…

The professional can advise you about colour

It’s easy to underestimate the impact which colour can have on a workplace environment. For example, though white is a traditionally popular choice of colour for an office, it might not actually pay the greatest dividends for your staff’s contentedness and, thus, productivity.

You might not have realised, to list just two examples, how orange can enthuse your workers and yellow can make them feel more welcome. However, vivid hues like these are usually best left as accent colours – and a professional painter can impart even more advice along the lines of this.

The office’s look can reflect the company profile

What is your company’s core ethos? If it’s to spread fun, then bright colours like denim blue and celery green can suitably energise young, artsy employees in the design sector. However, if you run a law firm, light brown and pale beige could bring a more appropriately subdued look.

Of course, you might already know which colours especially effectively sum up your firm’s mission: the colours in your company logo and branding. Fortunately, if you hand these colours to one of our professional painters, they can paint your workplace with the colours in mind.

The amount of space can also influence the design choices

If your office is particularly spacious, this gives you a large canvas that would be tragic to waste. For this reason, expert opinion suggests that such bold colours as red, navy blue and purple can work very well in such a space. However, what if your office feels small and cramped?

All is not lost – as, when painted in pastel colours like beige and cream, that office can come across as perceptibly larger. This can prove invaluable for relieving feelings of claustrophobia among your workers, but a professional painter can still add some accent colours to prevent a stale look.

Each physical area can be given its own, especially suitable colours

You have probably segmented parts of your workplace to serve different functions. When initiating an aesthetic overhaul, you can ask a professional painting company which colours should be used for what spaces, as expert opinion on this point could surprise you…

The reception area, for example, could benefit from green and blue capable of calming waiting customers. However, in spaces that are always bustling, go for darker colours – like black and brown – instead, as these can better conceal dirt and fingerprints that could accumulate.

A professional can judge which decorations should go where

One powerful incentive to turn to Regional Services is that, in doing so, you can benefit from both commercial painters and decorators as your needs for such arise. Even if you currently deem your decor adequate, a professional decorator might be able to point out room for improvement.

This professional could make each cubicle more spacious. As a result, that space could come to easily accommodate not only such items as the computer and office supplies but also storage for books. We can also set up adequate lighting to spare your employees strained eyes and headaches.

You can make seasonal changes as you deem necessary

Naturally, you might want to regularly give your workplace a visual overhaul – not only to regenerate excitement and enthusiasm in your employees but also to take account of seasonal trends.

This latter point is one that you may have too easily overlooked when asking yourself: “Why hire a professional painting contractor?” Keep in mind that a contractor from Regional Services can make even small, albeit effective, changes for Christmas, Halloween, Easter and other occasions.

You can more easily attract customers to enter your shop building

If you run a business heavily dependent on footfall, like a retail store, then making a positive first impression on customers is crucial. If your building is decorated appealingly, potential customers could notice even from the street by looking through the windows – and we could keep those windows clean for you, too…

If the customers react with delight to what they see, they will be more inclined to enter the building. Professional painters and decorators from Regional Services can regularly update your commercial building by adding aesthetic touches reflecting new and upcoming trends.

All of these plus points still leave the question: “How much is a painter and decorator in cost?” You can find out by giving us a call on 020 7708 3814. We can tailor our commercial painting and decorating services to meet your requirements, so be open about where those precise needs lie.

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