Autumn Gardening Ideas to Help Prepare for Winter

Autumn Gardening Ideas

Autumn Gardening Ideas to Help Prepare for Winter

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Gardens are an essential part of any home. While they undoubtedly get more use in the warm days of spring and summer, autumn gives you an opportunity to prepare your garden for a bountiful winter. Here are some cool autumn gardening ideas to help you get the most out of your green space.


Your autumn and winter garden need not look bare and uninviting. Choose plants and flowers that thrive in colder weather for a colourful and attention-grabbing scene. Evergreens and holly make excellent focal points while winter flowers like chrysanthemums or Christmas roses add splashes of colour. If you like herbs, capitalise on evergreen perennial varieties like Rosemary, Sage and Lavender. Flowering heathers are also an excellent option for an autumn garden as they are hardy, colourful, and low-maintenance. Assess your garden and work out which plants would work best for you.

Make sure you care for your autumn plants correctly. Choose good-quality, frost-proof pots and position them where they can get as much sunshine and possible. Potted plants give you an advantage as you can bring them inside in the event of an unusually harsh frost. While hanging baskets are aesthetically pleasing, the drier autumn and winter air can dry them out quickly. Either save them for your spring and summer gardens or make sure they are kept in particularly sheltered spots.

Winter Vegetables

Prepare your vegetable plot for winter to keep you nibbling on your own produce throughout the colder months. Vegetables like spinach are fantastic for this time of year. Do not forget to plant next year’s crop too. Onions, peas, and broad beans can all be sown at this time ready for harvest next spring.

If you have a greenhouse, capitalise on this extra space to grow vegetables that need a little extra protection from the colder elements. Wintergreens and carrots are perfect for planting in a greenhouse.

Lawn Care

Autumn presents you with the perfect opportunity to perform maintenance on your lawn to get it ready for next summer. Remove any moss with a specialised moss killer and a rake. This strategy will help improve the drainage of your lawn and help prevent weeds and other problems. To further enhance your lawn’s drainage, especially in areas where the grass has become compacted, push a garden fork into the turf and wiggle it to help aerate the soil. To finish your lawn care, apply an autumn lawn feed to return some much-needed nutrients to the grass.

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Regional Services

Regional Services

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