Don’t Bin It – Fix It! How to Arrange Office Furniture Repairs

Office Furniture Repairs

Don’t Bin It – Fix It! How to Arrange Office Furniture Repairs

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In today’s eco-positive climate, it is essential to take care of your office furniture. Good-looking office furniture helps improve employee morale and productivity while creating a unique and professional impression to clients and visitors. However, no matter if you buy the best quality furniture and treat it well, there is eventually going to be some wear and tear. When this happens, you have the opportunity to fix it up again instead of replacing it outright; a decision that is good for both your budget and your carbon footprint.

A Green Future

Firstly, repairing your office furniture will help the environment. The UK Government has introduced a target to reduce the amount of waste heading to landfills to less than 10% by 2020. The Scottish Government has pledged to recycle 70% of its waste with only 5% being sent to landfill by 2025. Take the initiative from these political leaders and help meet these targets. A green stance across the company will generate excellent PR; it will impress both your shareholders and potential investors.

Sustainability is here to stay. Governments are rapidly moving towards Zero Waste policies which businesses and private residences alike will need to adopt. The faster you can implement green policies within your business strategies, the quicker you can take advantage of them. Office furniture repair is a sound policy to get you started and build upon what you already know. If you have committed to a mass recycling policy within your work-space, consider expanding it to cover your office equipment as well.

Happy Finances

Furniture is expensive. From desks and chairs in the office to sofas for the reception area to tables in the staffroom, a lot of money is spent furnishing office space. When this furniture needs replacing, it can quickly eat into your capital. Sometimes these repairs are minimal, like a chair with a rip in the seat, but they are necessary to maintain a professional appearance. In this scenario, it is more cost-effective to get the chair reupholstered than replace it entirely.

Alongside chairs, tables and desks can be and easily ruined, by wearing, scratches and damage to the veneer or polish. Rather than throw them away, consider refurbishing them. Contractors can remove the superficial damage and have your tables shining like new; eliminate another costly potential replacement.

Are you planning a new design scheme for your office? No need to spend money on new furniture to furnish it. Merely refurbish your existing furniture and give it a fresh new look at minimal cost. The extended and prolonged use of the furniture is sure to make your accountant happy too; chair repairs alone can return considerable savings compared to replacing the chair.

Finding an Arrangement That Works for You

Office furniture repairs are not only for chairs and desks. There is a vast array of different options available to you which will allow you to repair and recycle any office furniture you might have within your walls. From gas canisters on adjustable chairs to cubicle screen refurbishment, any part of an office has the potential for repair work and renovation. Even if you think it is beyond repair, an expert may still find potential there, giving you the opportunity to make some capital outlay saving.

If you think office furniture recycling is a viable option for your company, there are many different companies available to help you achieve your goals. With a little research, you can find a company in your area which will cater to your needs. Consider employing them during a period of general structural maintenance or during an office refurbishment to minimise time spent on the project as a whole. Additionally, if it is just repair work you need, many offer services both during and outside your working hours. No matter what you require, the contractors can efficiently work around you with minimal disruption to the day to day business logistics.

Sometimes it is not all about the furniture. Small maintenance tasks need to be also completed to keep your office space looking modern and up-to-date. There is no point in making your furniture look sleek and brand new if you are going to neglect a wall that needs repainting or tired and worn fixtures and features. When undertaking repairs and maintenance in your office, take a step back and examine everything with a critical eye. If there is something that you think makes the whole area look shabby, take the time and money needed to fix it.

Do you need some maintenance repairs for your office space? Regional Services can offer Handyman and Maintenance services for all manner of work, from appliance testing and plumbing to full-scale renovations. To discover how our expertise can help your business, contact us today.

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Regional Services

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