Are You Recycling Enough?

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Are You Recycling Enough?

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As a business it is incredibly important to be environmentally conscious. Not only is it favourable to your reputation and part of your corporate responsibility, but there are also many environmental laws you need to follow. Fail to comply and you could be faced with large fines – so it’s best to make sure you’re acting responsibly in all areas, including waste and recycling.


The fact is, UK landfill space is running out. It is every business’s duty to ensure they are recycling as much as they possibly can, and recycling is also the cheaper option than paying landfill tax. So where do you stand in comparison to other companies? You may think because you’re a small start-up in a shared office building that you don’t need to bother much with recycling. Think again! If you own a café, a hairdressing salon, a global tech company or you’re a self-employed building contractor, waste management applies to everyone.

Reducing Waste

The most eco-friendly and cost effective way to deal with waste is to try and produce less of it. Cutting your waste isn’t easy but it is achievable, especially if you get the whole workforce on board. Small changes such as printing and photocopying double sided and buying products with recyclable packaging can make a significant difference.

Recycling Guidelines

There are guidelines for recycling certain products which cannot be collected with regular waste. This includes electronic equipment and batteries, for which you need to follow WEEE regulations. Before getting rid of this equipment though, ask yourself – could it be re-used? Could it be donated to charity or given another purposeful home?

In terms of everyday recycling, there are key elements which need to be separated and collected. This includes food waste, paper and cardboard, glass and plastic. However much you recycle as business, there is always room for improvement. Almost all office waste such as paper notes and ink cartridges can be recycled, so if your waste bin is fuller than your recycling bins you should ask yourself why.

Recycling group Envirotech estimate that 60% of all rubbish in UK dustbins could be recycled. With this in mind, think of how much money you could be saving in waste removal. If only managers are recycling, then there are improvements to be made. Make sure that all of your employees understand the reason for recycling and how it contributes to business operations. If you’d like to improve your waste and recycling in 2017, get in touch with our friendly team.

Regional Services

Regional Services

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