9 Tips to Save Money on Cleaning

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9 Tips to Save Money on Cleaning

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9 Tips to Save Money on Cleaning


Cleaning your office is a necessary part of keeping it looking its best–including creating the professional atmosphere that your customers are looking for when they visit your office. At the same time, however, you don’t want your cleaning budget to get out of control! Try these tips to save money on cleaning.

1. Choose natural, simple cleaning methods instead of expensive commercial cleaners.

Commercial, chemical-filled cleaners often come along with a hefty price tag–and often, you don’t need those expensive cleansers to take care of cleaning either in your home or office. Often, natural cleaners serve the same purpose for a much lower price–not to mention all the benefits of a natural cleaning product.

2. Keep up with the cleaning.

If you let the cleaning get away from you, catching up is often an expensive–and messy–proposition. It can take longer to clean overall when you leave cleaning tasks for too long, especially if you’ve let big messes get away from you–and often, it’s harder to get out built-in grime than it is to simply take care of it in the first place.

3. Know how to clean your carpets and furniture.

Not only does letting the cleaning get away from you mean you will have a bigger mess to clean up when you do get around to cleaning, it can leave you with costly damage to your carpets and furniture. Carpets, for example, wear down much faster when you allow dirt to build up in the fibres. Make sure you know the right cleaning schedule for your carpets and furniture and keep up with it!

4. Keep your space organized.

In an office environment, a neat, organized space often increases productivity. It’s not just your employees who benefit: in an organized office, cleaners will find it easier both to take care of cleaning tasks and to see what needs to be done.

5. Offer convenient rubbish bins.

Sure, it might take a little longer to empty the rubbish bins when you have more of them, but you will also increase the odds that employees will take care of their own cleanup, which means that bugs and messes will be less likely to accumulate.

6. Use mats at entrances.

If you use thick, heavy mats at your doors, those mats will pick up a great deal of the dirt off the bottoms of your customers’ and employees’ shoes. As a result, that dirt won’t have a chance to get tracked through the office, which will mean less wear and tear on your carpets and, ultimately, cost savings.

7. Make sure employees know where to find basic cleaning supplies.

Even when you bring in a cleaning company to take care of your cleaning, your employees may need to clean up basic messes and handle other problems that arise throughout the day: spills, mud tracked in, or messes that just can’t wait for the cleaners. Keep basic cleaning supplies on hand and make sure your employees know where to find them when needed.

8. Store cleaning supplies properly.

Properly-stored cleaning supplies are less likely to get spilled or misplaced, which means that you will be able to save money on those supplies.

9. Use a professional.

Cleaning services can add up fast, especially if you’re paying your employees their usual hourly wage to take care of cleaning tasks around the office. Instead, bring in a professional to take care of the cleaning for you–and let your employees focus on the jobs they do best.

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