8 Easy Habits to Help Keep Your Office Workspace Clean

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8 Easy Habits to Help Keep Your Office Workspace Clean

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It may surprise you to know that your work desk contains more germs than the toilet seat. Imagine the desk area you rest your hand has about 10,000,000 bacteria, the more reason you should clean your desk.

A clean workspace leads to improved productivity. With a clean space, you can get more work done efficiently with few distractions. A clean workspace also increases your reputation at the workplace To help you maintain a clean workspace, here are some habits you should follow.

1. Never eat at your desk

If you have a habit of eating at your desk, you should stop it. The food crumbs can easily build up and get into your computer. Eating food at your desk can make your desk a breeding ground for bacteria. Make it a habit to eat lunch away from your workstation to boost productivity. Eating outside also allows you to enjoy the sunshine, rest your mind, and exercise.

2. Reduce clutter

One of the things that make your desk look unkempt is paper clutter. Clutter builds on your desk easily, and it attracts dust making it difficult to clean your desk. Keep your desk a minimalist. You should instil the habit of decluttering newspapers, envelopes, sticky notes, torn pages, and wraps that you don’t use. Dispose of such items in the rubbish can. Decluttering makes your workspace looks neat. Only leave things that you use every day in your workspace.

3. Clean and disinfect

Always have a disinfectant in handy in your drawer to make cleaning easy when needed. Paper towels, washable microfiber, and disposable wipes are also great to have. Disinfecting kills germs and your space will always be clean.

4. Organize your desk

Make it a habit to always keep your desk clean and tidy. You can do that by storing staplers, notepads, and pens, in drawers or storage containers. By doing that, your desk will always be clean. Before you leave for work, you should put all the visible things perpendicular and parallel to the wall. Organizing your desk increases your productivity.

5. Spot clean

Your workspace will get spots from ink, sticker, food spillage, and glue. Make it a habit to clean them as soon as you spot them to prevent stubborn stains. Use store brought wipes to spot clean your desk. Spot cleaning keeps your desk from becoming smelly.

6. Manage the wires

Wires and cords can make your workspace look dirty. You can use wireless monitors, keyboards, mouse and any hardware with Bluetooth technology. If it’s not possible to use wireless accessories, you can hold the cords and wires neatly with clips or holders. You can also have your products designed to hide the wires from sight. Keeping the wires and cords away will also prevent injuries.

7. Get rid of rubbish responsibly

Have the habit of discarding food wrappers, paper cups, tissues, and shredded paper responsibly. You can have a rubbish can under your desk or use the ones in common areas. Never leave rubbish on your desk because it makes your desk look untidy.

8. Clean your keyboard regularly

Unplug your keyboard and turn it upside down carefully. Shake the keyboard gently over the bin. Cleaning the keyboard gets rid of debris and crumbs. You can use compressed air to remove the dust on your keyboard.

If you are too busy and don’t have time to clean your desk regularly, you can hire a professional cleaner to do it. Professional cleaners have the expertise and materials to leave your workstation hygienic in no time. Our team of cleaners can assist with commercial deep clean and contract cleaning. We are just a phone call away. Call us today for an inspection of your workspace.

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