7 Spots in the Office You Didn’t Realize Should Be Cleaned Regularly

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7 Spots in the Office You Didn’t Realize Should Be Cleaned Regularly

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Office cleaning is an important part of keeping everyone in your office as healthy as possible. Unfortunately, there are some spots that frequently get overlooked, whether you’re taking care of the spring cleaning or just going through the regular cleaning in the office. Are you missing these spots as you take care of your regular office cleaning?

1. Under the rug.

Sure, your coworkers probably don’t literally ‘sweep things under the rug’ when the time comes to clean. They may, however, have all too frequently failed to clean the underside of the rug. The edges of the rug can quickly collect debris, which ends up collecting under the whole rug. When you clean your floors, make sure you roll back the rug and take care of sweeping in those important areas, too.

2. Computers, printers, and other electronics.

Whether you have communal printers and computers or each person in the office uses their own, it’s critical that you clean your electronics on a regular basis. Of course, you can’t spray your electronics down with water the way you can other items you may want to clean! Instead, make sure you wipe them down regularly with approved electronics cleaner. You may also want to use an electronics-safe putty or canned air to remove dust from hard-to-reach areas like the space between the keys on your keyboard.

3. Your doorknobs.

COVID-19 has made people much more conscious of the items that people in the office are touching on a regular basis, and doorknobs are often at the top of the list. To help keep your office environment safer, make sure you’re wiping down the doorknobs with a cleansing wipe daily. While you’re at it, if you’re still using manual switches to turn the lights on and off in the office, you may want to wipe them down, too.

4. Office appliances.

Do you know who in your office is responsible for cleaning appliances, including your coffee maker, fridge, and microwave? If you have those items in your office, it’s important to take the time to clean them regularly. Make it part of the schedule and alternate those important responsibilities if needed.

5. Behind large objects in the office.

There are likely several objects in your office that never get moved: items that no one ever bothers to shift because they’re unwieldy. If you want to keep your office as clean as possible, however, make sure you pull out those items and clean behind them periodically.

6. Your ceiling.

When was the last time the ceiling in your office got wiped down, much less cleaned? Take a look at the ceiling. If you can see signs of dust gathering, you may want to prioritize wiping down the ceiling to remove that dust and keep your office bright and clean. Textured ceilings are particularly likely to collect dust and spider webs, so make sure you add wiping them down to your regular cleaning checklist.

7. Light fixtures.

Everyone thinks about wiping down fan blades, but if you have other light fixtures in the office, they may not get wiped down particularly often. Take the time to clean off your light fixtures to remove dust and dirt that can build up over time. You may be surprised by just how much brighter the office looks without that coating of dust in the way!

Dealing with office cleaning is an ongoing task. Having a cleaning service come in and take care of those tasks for you can make it easier to keep your office clean. Fill out our contact form today to learn more about how we can help you keep your office looking its best.

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