6 Ways to Control Humidity and Condensation in the Office

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6 Ways to Control Humidity and Condensation in the Office

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6 Ways to Control Humidity and Condensation in the Office

Condensation and humidity can quickly start causing serious problems for your office. Excess moisture not only causes damage to electronics, it can also lead to increased mould growth–not to mention the fact that it doesn’t look or feel professional when guests visit your office. Your employees and visitors to the office may also feel chilled or hot and sticky, depending on the season. Are you struggling to control excess humidity and condensation? Try some of these strategies for preventing those problems.

1. Don’t drop the temperature too low.

During the summer, it can be tempting to drop the temperature increasingly lower in the office to help keep everyone cool. When you use the air conditioner to accomplish this, however, it can bring increased condensation along with it–which can spell trouble for everyone in the building. Instead, use fans to keep the air moving, and keep the temperature set at a more reasonable level.

2. Keep the windows clean.

Are you struggling with condensation building up on the windows? The first line of defence is keeping the windows as clean as possible. Coating the window with a water repelling solution can also help keep condensation from building up and causing damage to your windowsills.

3. Check the position of your vents.

Vents pointed directly at the window can cause the temperature directly inside the window to grow cooler than the air in the rest of the office. Not only does this lead to lost energy, raising your electric bill without actually cooling the office, it can increase condensation buildup on the windows. Instead, make sure your vents are pointed away from the window and toward the centre of the room, which can keep air flowing more freely and make everyone in the office feel more comfortable.

4. Make sure the office, including the bathroom, is properly vented.

Without proper ventilation, especially in the bathroom, you may experience a significant buildup of humidity in the office, especially on humid days outdoors. Ventilating the office, from installing a vent fan in the right locations to simply opening a window when needed, can go a long way toward reducing the humidity and preventing it from being trapped in the office, where it can cause significant damage and discomfort.

5. Check the kitchen.

A kitchen is a luxury in many office settings. With a kitchen, you have the option of cooking a healthy, nourishing lunch, washing dishes instead of needing to use disposable plates and silverware, and enjoying a little peace in the middle of your hectic work day. Unfortunately, the kitchen can also cause significant humidity to build up: steam from your food, the dishwasher, and even hot water for washing dishes by hand can all add to the humidity inside the office. Make sure that the kitchen is properly ventilated, including fans and open windows, to help keep your office more comfortable. On particularly humid days, consider not running the dishwasher or cooking complicated meals in the kitchen.

6. Try a dehumidifier.

If your solutions for naturally reducing humidity in the office aren’t working, don’t lose hope! Installing a dehumidifier is one ideal way to help cut down on humidity and condensation throughout the office. Many models are designed specifically for large office environments. Look for one that is designed for an office the size of yours or install several smaller models in various offices, especially if you know that specific areas are hots spots for humidity.

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