6 Simple Steps How to Clean a Washing Machine

Guide on how to clean a washing machine

6 Simple Steps How to Clean a Washing Machine

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6 Simple Steps How to Clean a Washing Machine

Your washing machine does a lot of hard cleaning work for you, from getting load upon load of laundry clean and fresh, and removing all the stains that children regularly bring home on their clothes. Washing machines can be expensive and are not something we tend to replace each year which is why it’s very important to give your machine a little maintenance and cleaning, so that you extend the lifespan of your washing machine.

Why you need to clean your washing machine

One of the most common problems which occur if you don’t clean your machine is a smelly washing machine. If you have suddenly found that the inside of your washing machine smells, its time to learn how to properly clean a washing machine. This way, your washing machine can continue to keep your clothes looking clean and smelling fresh.

6 simple steps to clean a washing machine

This quick and simple cleaning guide will provide you with a few simple step by step cleaning tips for regular washing machine maintenance so that you will never have a smelly washing machine.

Cleaning your washing machine is not the nicest of housework jobs, but giving your washing machine a regular once over every couple of months will help maintain the machine for years to come. Starting the clean can often be a daunting task however the whole process won’t take long if you follow our simple steps.

  1. Some manufacturers discourage the use of certain products in their machines. Therefore, always check your machines manual on how to clean your washing machine before you start. Using certain products may void your warranty.
  2. If you have a front-loading machine, fully remove the detergent draw and soak it in hot water. Use a toothbrush to remove any build up of residue or mold, rinse it thoroughly and then let it dry before putting the draw back in place.
  3. Put your machine on a hot or sanitizing cycle and add nothing but a cup of clear vinegar to the drum. The vinegar will help to sanitize the machine.
  4. When the cycle finishes open the door and leave the inside of the drum to air-dry. If there are still any bad smells or residue, repeat the process.
  5. Take a damp cloth and wipe around all of the rubber seals on the machine, be very careful to lift and take the seals away from the metal where possible to get any leftover residue that’s hidden away. You can also wipe the surface of your machine too to give it that new look.
  6. You’re finished and your washing machine should now be clean and smelling fresh.

How to Keep Your Washing Machine Smelling Fresh and Clean – Washing Machine Maintenance

Your washing machine should always be smelling fresh, if your machine starts to become smelly if could mean that there are bacteria or that mold has been allowed to build up over time inside the machine. Here are quick steps on how to keep your washing machine dirt free.

  1. Do not overuse detergent. Every bottle will have a measurement scale on the lid and do not go over the recommended amount. Any excess laundry detergent can build up inside the machine over time.
  2. Give any dirty clothes that have excess dirt a quick rinse before putting them in your machine.
  3. If you are located in a hard water area make sure you either use a water softener attached to the in-flow pipe or you use tablets inside your machine to minimize the buildup of limescale.
  4. Leave the machine door open in between washes long enough for the inside of the drum completely dries out. This will decrease the risk of mold growing inside the machine. If your machine has a detergent draw it is also a good idea to leave this open too so that there will be no mold build up here either.
  5. Run a hot empty wash at least once a month to remove any build-up that has occurred already.


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