6 Reasons to Use Natural Cleaning Products

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6 Reasons to Use Natural Cleaning Products

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6 Reasons to Use Natural Cleaning Products


These days, it seems as though everyone is going all natural–and with good reason, especially when it comes to cleaning products. Are you still using harsh chemicals to clean your office? Check out these important reasons to make the switch to natural cleaning products.

1. Chemical cleaning products often have high levels of toxins.

Constant exposure to the toxins found in many cleaning products can lead to overall decreased health: not just the risk of some types of cancer, but also increased respiratory distress. In fact, when you use chemical cleaning products, you may find yourself getting sick more often than if you use more natural cleaning products. Removing those toxins, on the other hand, may have you feeling surprisingly more energetic and healthy.

2. Natural cleaning products are better for the environment.

Many traditional cleaning products are petroleum-based, which means every time they are manufactured, they further deplete natural resources that could otherwise be used for other things–or saved for future generations. Not only that, those same chemicals that are toxic to you can be toxic to the environment, too. All those cleaning products have to go somewhere, whether it’s running into rivers and streams as it washes away outside your building or goes down the drain inside.

3. You never know when a customer will be sensitive to a smell or chemical.

Many people have allergies and sensitivities to scented products–like, for example, the scents in many of your favourite cleaning products. Choosing the wrong cleaning product, especially scented products, could send customers running right back out of your office building, unable to stay because of the exposure to those fragrances.

4. Natural cleaners are often less expensive.

If you look at commercial products marketed as natural, you may find yourself shaking your head and reaching for those familiar, chemical-based cleaners again. A little more research, on the other hand, will often let you know that natural cleaning products can save you money. In some cases, they may be able to accomplish the same level of clean with less volume. In others, like when you use a vinegar and water mix to clean, you may find that those natural cleaners are less expensive in the first place.

5. Natural cleaners help show your commitment to going green.

Does your business have a reputation for going green or staying eco-friendly? If you want to keep up with that reputation, your cleaning supplies are just as important as the other measures you take. When you use green cleaning products in your office, it becomes one more tool in your arsenal and one more item on the list of ways you’re taking care of the environment. Your office is committed to leaving a smaller environmental footprint, so make sure green cleaning is part of that.

6. Green products are simpler to use than many chemical cleaners.

When you use green cleaning products, you’ll often use the same basic solution for each of your cleaning tasks, regardless of what surface it’s on. Instead of a stack of different cleaning products, you can simply reach for the same one over and over again. This also makes replacing your cleaning products far easier than constantly having to keep up with a changing list of products.

Are you ready to go green with your cleaning? You don’t have to do it alone! At Regional Services, we use a highly effective range of green cleaners to ensure an eco-friendly clean. Contact us today to ask any questions you have about our cleaning services, or fill out our form for a free quote to learn more about the cost of green cleaning–and how it can actually help you save money.

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