5 Ways Power Washing Protects Your Building Exterior

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5 Ways Power Washing Protects Your Building Exterior

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Power washing uses high-pressure streams of water to deep-clean the exterior of buildings and pavement. Most buildings benefit from a fresh power-washing once every two or three years  – or more frequently depending on environmental factors – by keeping the building’s exterior free of contaminants and washing way the patina of dust and dirt that builds up on the outside of a facility over time.

While most people think of power washing as a “nice to have” extra when maintaining their property, it’s really more essential to maintenance than you might think. We want to spotlight the five ways that professional power washing can protect your facility and keep it in good condition.


1. Protects the Exterior from Stains

When staining substances linger, the stain can become permanent. From the rich yellow of local tree pollen on your siding to the dark pool from a leaky vehicle on your driveway, power washing can quickly and efficiently blast away staining substances that might otherwise reduce your building’s long term beauty and quality.

Regularly washing the exterior of your siding keeps it safe from stains, just like wiping down your countertop or washing clothes before a new stain can set in.


2. Remove Algae and Organic Growth from Your Siding and Deck Boards

In some climates, the local wildlife loves to take back human buildings one creeping patch of moss or algae at a time. If structures in your area commonly have organic growths along the sides and even underneath the siding, this is just nature trying to do what it does best – turn “forest” into mulch to make way for new forest. However, you aren’t done using your facility, keeping your exterior free of the reclaiming organics is as simple as a strong blast of water.

Power washing can safely clean away algae, moss, and creeper vine growth from your siding and from your deck without causing damage to the exterior materials.


3. Clean Dirt from Pavement that Might Harbor Roots

What about power washing your pavement? In addition to restoring your driveway to the bright off-white of new concrete, power washing also blasts away pockets of dirt where plants might try to grow. When little grass and flower seeds take root in even a scrap of dirt in your pavement, their roots are surprisingly powerful in the search for water below. Power washing can prevent cracks in your concrete over time and help keep that driveway free of untidy growth.


4. Brighten Curb Appeal by Making the Exterior Look Fresh and New

The exterior of your building s only as clean as the great outdoors. Over time, all building exteriors pick up a patina of dust that dulls your siding colour, darkens your windows, and makes property seem shabbier than they are from the outside. Professional power washing, however, can restore your siding, deck, pavement and most exterior features to their original colour and shine.

When it comes to maintaining your curb appeal, periodic professional power washing is an essential part of your routine.


5. Prep Your Siding for Repainting

In fact, if you are preparing to repaint your building’s exterior, power washing is also essential. Power washing strips away the dust and organic material so your siding is completely clean and ready for the smooth application of a fresh coat of paint. Freshen up your current paint colour or transform your business’ exterior – but first power wash to make sure you paint goes on perfectly.


Power Washing is a Smart Choice for Any Property

Whether you’re polishing up your property’s curb appeal or making long-term maintenance plans, power washing is typically a great choice for keeping your siding fresh and providing a few necessary maintenance purposes over the years.

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