5 Ways to Boost Productivity in the Office

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5 Ways to Boost Productivity in the Office

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Are you a manager or business owner who thinks that productivity could be increased throughout the company? Keeping staff happy and engaged in their work can be a difficult task, especially if you have a large and growing workforce. Everyone wants to get the most out of their employees – but how? Output will differ greatly depending on the type of business and the role of the staff member. Employers obviously expect more from staff members in a managerial role, which is reflected in their responsibilities and salary. Find out how to boost productivity in the office.

If you think a shake-up is needed, then follow these strategies for boosting productivity. Remember that everyone is different and will respond to different things, so don’t just rely on one way to increase productivity.

  1. Make staff feel valued

There is a saying which employers will do well to remember: “A person who feels appreciated will always do more than is expected.” Making staff feel valued and appreciated is absolutely critical for getting them on the company’s side. If they feel underpaid or undervalued, they will lose interest in their work and productivity will slide. Little things can make a big difference, such as a simple thank you email, a shout-out in a meeting or a gift at Christmas. It’s not always about money and big bonuses, just let employees know that you notice how hard they work.

  1. Create a welcoming space to work

For efficiency to be at a maximum, the space in which employees work needs to be an efficient and productive space. This includes having clean and tidy work and rest areas, and making the space look inviting. Make sure to hire a professional cleaning company, but you could go even further to improve the space – you’ll be surprised how much impact plants and fresh flowers can have around the office.

  1. Encourage physical activity

When people sit still for long periods of time, productivity and output declines. Encourage an active lifestyle outside of work with discount gym memberships or cycle to work incentives – but you can also get people moving during the work day. Ever tried a standing meeting? It generates more energy throughout the body and can reduce back pain from long periods of sitting. Employers can also put up posters to encourage stretching at the desk.

  1. Set targets/competitions and rewards

Most people respond well to targets and aims, instantly trying harder to reach their goal. Of course, it helps if there is some kind of reward when they do reach their targets. Companywide competitions are also a good idea, for example the first person to sell a certain product/reach so many customers wins a prize.

  1. Instil a healthy attitude to breaks

The brain can’t work relentlessly for eight hours straight. Make it a company policy that every staff member should take regular breaks away from their desk. At lunch time especially, encourage workers to leave their workspace or even the building, to rest and rejuvenate ready for the afternoon.

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