5 Types of People in Every Office

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5 Types of People in Every Office

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Working in an office like many of us do, you’re likely to meet a lot of different people with a range of personalities. You’ll probably have a few work colleagues who you enjoy sharing your workspace with, and undoubtedly a few other co-workers who you don’t get along with. While every workplace is different, it’s uncanny that every office seems to have the same types of people.

Have a think about the personality types in your office. You’ll probably be able to identify stereotypes such as the workaholic, the slacker and the office gossip. Well these exist in every office! Take a look at these five types of workers in every office and we’re sure you’ll be able to recognise each one. Or is one of them your label?!

image of man on his computer Office slob

OK so there are two types of slob – the obvious one who has no shame and the sneaky slob who leaves mess around the office and you can never find the culprit. This person will eat messily at their desk and won’t even bother to walk the few steps to bin the rubbish. They might also spill their lunch in the microwave without cleaning it up and wouldn’t even think about cleaning their desk once in a while. Basically, the office slob is the reason why you need contract cleaners daily!

Ambitious overachiever

In every office there’s always one person who insists on arriving early and finishing late in an attempt to impress the boss. They usually have so many projects they can’t go out for lunch, but will still always volunteer to take on more responsibilities. The overachiever always has something to say in meetings and will possibly do anything for a promotion.

The gossip

So most offices have at least one, but there could be a whole group of gossips who like to exchange stories in the bathroom. The office gossip makes everybody else’s business their business, and they always spread rumours whether they are known to be true or not. Whether it’s professional talk or who’s dating who, this chatterbox always has something to say.

Lone Wolfone employee sitting as desk

Of course in every workplace there are extroverts and introverts, but there is also one person that stands out as a complete lone wolf. They try and avoid all conversation at all cost and prefer to get their head down. They have never shown their face at a work social and might even work with their headphones in to evade questions and small talk.

The organiser

This person is responsible for the multiple group emails you receive daily. They organise everything from the next work night out to the collection for the receptionist’s retirement. They love to be in control and may also leave polite post-it notes around the office to keep people in check.

How many can you relate to? Let us know.

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