5 Office Decorating Tips

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5 Office Decorating Tips

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Are you planning on redecorating the office this year? If you think your building is in need of a revamp, then we have plenty of inspiration. Putting a fresh spin on office décor can vastly improve the appearance of the office, without having to break the bank. These office decorating tips can have a positive impact on employees who spend a lot of time in the office, as well as impressing clients and visitors.

Office Decorating Tips

The workplace needs to be inspiring and motivating, and above all have a welcoming atmosphere. You can achieve all of this with some fresh décor and the right colour palettes. Your office should also reflect your brand and your business goals, while meeting business needs and looking professional. There are quite a few boxes to tick, but follow these tips and you can easily breathe new life into a tired looking workplace.

  1. Company branding

Before deciding which colour paint or wallpaper to hang, have a think about how you can use this revamp to include more branding in the room. How you brand your office will depend entirely on the type of work you do – for example professional services such as a solicitor’s office or dentist surgery may just need a nameplate in the entrance. However if you have a more creative business, such as in the graphic design industry, you could make things more interesting. Why not paint a giant logo on one wall or hang a design quote? Take the opportunity to boost your branding.

  1. Keep it minimal

Whether you’re decorating the entire office or just the reception area, simplicity is key. The last thing you want visitors to see is piles of clutter or lots of furniture pushed close together – it reveals disorganisation. Offices look smarter when there is minimal furniture and lots of floor space. You also don’t want the walls to look too busy, so if you’d like a bright colour or pattern keep it to just one wall.

  1. Colour psychology

You may have heard of using the psychology of colour in marketing, but it can also be applied to the interior design of the office. Certain colours can influence our mood, and also our productivity according to Entrepreneur. Identify what you want out of your workforce and then pick the appropriate colour for the office. For example yellow is good for boosting creativity and green promotes calm.

  1. Lighting

During a revamping project, don’t forget about lighting. An office should have as much natural light as possible, but we know it’s not always possible. It’s important to install enough lighting so workers don’t suffer from eye strain – but it doesn’t have to be boring strip lighting. As well as overhead lights consider desk lamps and wall lights.

  1. Do it efficiently

Decorating the office is hard work and it can have an effect on production. Keep disruption to a minimum by getting the revamp done as quickly as possible. Hire professional decorators to get the job done efficiently and to a high standard, so everyone can get back to work and enjoy the new space.

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