5 Incredible Ways on How to Dispose Waste in an Appropriate Fashion

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5 Incredible Ways on How to Dispose Waste in an Appropriate Fashion

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Rapid population growth and industrialization have left waste quickly spreading everywhere like a dreaded disease. Everyone is grappling with the need for expeditious and safe disposal of waste for cleaner, greener space.

Types of Wastes

However, to apply yourself to the best practices in waste disposal, you need to understand the different kinds of waste in your day to day life. Various classification of wastes include:

  • Liquid waste- As the name suggests, is any waste that exists in a liquid state. Liquid wastes include sludge, grease, oil, wash water, and waste detergents.
  • Organic waste- includes animal and plant products that are breakable into simple molecules through composting.
  • Solid waste- Is any garbage, refuse or sludge in solid form. Common types of solid waste are, glass and ceramics, paper rubbish, metals and tins, and plastic waste.
  • Recyclable waste- This includes waste materials that can be reused for other purposes or processed into new and useful products.
  • Hazardous waste- This is waste that poses any risks/threats to human life or the environment. Radioactive materials and Different chemical wastes are good examples.
  • E-waste- This entails electrical products that have outlived their usefulness, E.g., Copiers, televisions, computers, etc.

Here is a brief rundown of important tips you can use to manage waste around your home and maintain a clean space round the clock.

1. Shop like a Champion

Most of the waste that finds its way into your home is due to ignorant shopping habits. Enterprises are packaging their stuff so well just to entice you to purchase items you don’t even need. Whereas you can’t do away with shopping altogether, you can adopt the following intelligent shopping habits:

  • Shop for products with lesser packaging
  • Go for products whose packaging is recyclable
  • Check for products whose packaging is ecofriendly
  • Go big- i.e., purchase large products instead of many packs of smaller items

2. Separate Your Waste- Different Bins for Different Types of Waste

Consider having separate bins or containers and mark them distinctly to collect the various types of waste that may accumulate in your home. You can then sort out your waste into organic, inorganic, and hazardous waste for the appropriate course of disposal, depending on the type of waste.

3. Adopt the 3R’s

The 3 Rs are simple to use but make a significant contribution towards a green environment and a cleaner home. They simply stand for Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

  • Reduce- This is the primary aspect of the three Rs. It entails cutting down on the amount of waste you produce or dispose of on a daily basis. You can start by avoiding plastic bags and bottles. They form a significant portion of waste in your home.
  • Reuse- It sounds more of giving an item a ‘second chance’ instead of discarding it after first use.
  • Recycle- Recycling is transforming waste materials into useful products through simple DIY techniques or industrial processing. You can liaise with the local authorities or product manufacturers to find out collection points for recyclable materials.

4. Composting

Composting is a fantastic way to dispose of your organic waste at your home. It is cost-effective, easy, and free of risks. It entails the natural breakdown of organic waste by microbes after accumulating it in a pit for a long period of time—the end result of this process nutrient-rich manure that you can use for agricultural purposes.

5. Combusting/Incineration

Burning waste reduces the original mass of waste by up to 96%, and the by-products are ash, heat, and gas. Combusting is an effective way to turn waste to energy whereby waste materials are burned to produce heat, electrical, or fuel for your home in larger and more complex scales.

Be sure to comply with the environmental policies and other legal requirements for combusting in your area.

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