4 Tips for Preparing your Commercial Outdoor Spaces for Summer

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4 Tips for Preparing your Commercial Outdoor Spaces for Summer

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Whether you have a large lawn or a tiny rooftop courtyard, it’s time to start showing your exterior spaces some attention. Summer is just around the corner, and if you want your outdoor space to fulfil its potential then you’ll need to start preparing them now. Gardens need lots of care and attention, so they can be tricky to maintain. Here are four essential tips from the experts to ensure your commercial outdoor space is a hit this year.

Commercial Outdoor Spaces

  1. Weed and tidy upimage of stinging nettles

The first step in the preparation process is to remove any rubbish and foliage which has gathered over the winter period. The garden, yard or rooftop has probably been abandoned for the past few months so you’ll have to put time aside to tidy it up. If you have a lawn or ground which isn’t concrete then you’ll also need to do a spot of weeding.

  1. Jet wash

Whether you have a pub garden that needs sprucing up or a terrace which is mainly used by smokers, the floor will not look clean. After months of rain, snow, storms and cold temperatures, your outdoor space will really need a deep clean. The best way to achieve results is with a jet wash. If you have paving, flags or any type of outdoor flooring then you should be able to return it to its original self with a jet wash. You should aim to do this regularly throughout the summer to keep it pristine.

  1. Update furnitureimage of a green park bench

If you want to tempt people outside – it’s not too hard when the sun is shining – then you’ll need to provide seating. If you already have benches and other seating then check to see if they’re still in working order and comfortable. Some of them might need repainting, and this can be a great opportunity to brighten up the space. If the seating is inadequate and can’t be saved by a lick of paint, it’s time to invest in some new pieces. A handyman can help with these tasks if needed.

  1. Add pretty flowers

Make your garden as inviting as possible with an array of colours. Take advantage of the season’s flowering potential and get planting. Even if you only have a small balcony or rooftop space, it’s still possible to liven up the area with plant life. Never underestimate the potential of an impressive hanging basket, garden box or patio pots. The pretty blooms will entice people into your exterior space and make it a pleasant space it spend some time.

Remember if you simply don’t have the time to make the best of your outdoor spaces, hire a garden maintenance service.

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