4 Reasons Commercial Cleaning saves Money

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4 Reasons Commercial Cleaning saves Money

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For many businesses, hiring a commercial cleaning company is a fantastic business decision. Not only will you be improving your corporate image with a premium standard of hygiene, but you’ll be able to enjoy a clean office for less. Hiring an in-house cleaner, even part-time can be costly compared to the price of contract cleaning.

There’s a myriad of other benefits when it comes to commercial cleaning, too. You’ll have access to specialist cleaning if you ever require it, such as carpet or flooring care or a laundry service. Additionally, investing in commercial cleaning can improve morale and boost productivity at work, as the high standards of cleanliness have a positive impact all-round.

Here are the top four reasons why commercial cleaning can help you reduce costs and save money.

1) Cut staff wages and employment costs

If you have had a cleaner or caretaker in the past, or are considering hiring one, you should consider the costs involved. Hiring a staff member is expensive because not only will you have to keep up with minimum wage or living wage increases – you also need to set up a pension, you’ll pay tax and N.I. and have to consider company benefits too. Don’t forget you’ll also be responsible for buying in all the cleaning products. Is it worth all the hassle when a contract cleaning service can do the job for less, usually at a higher standard?

2) Improve employee health

Looking after your staff is really important, and a regular cleaning service can help to prevent the spread of illness. Having a cleaner and more hygienic work environment results in less sick days, which can really have a negative affect business operations. Companies are spending a lot trying to improve the general health and wellbeing of employees, and commercial cleaning can help.

3) Boost productivity

Managers are constantly looking for ways to get the most out of employees – and sometimes the answer is simple. People work better in clean and tidy environments, so a messy or unhygienic office could be the reason for a lull in productivity. It is difficult to focus when workstations are messy or the break area isn’t welcoming. Investing in contract cleaning could also lead to a boost in productivity and higher revenue.

4) Improve corporate image

A well-presented office is essential for creating a lasting impression. Visitors and prospective clients will instantly judge your company when they walk through the door of your office – what do you want them to see? Dust, carpet stains, unhygienic washrooms, dirty kitchens? Keep your workplace spotless so you’re ready for visitors at any moment. Having a good corporate image can lead to more business relationships and over time can develop into profit.

Looking for professional cleaners to help you cut business costs? Get in touch with our commercial cleaning team by emailing hello@regionalservices.co.uk.

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