4 Practical Habits to Keep Door Handles and High-Touch Surfaces Safe

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4 Practical Habits to Keep Door Handles and High-Touch Surfaces Safe

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Staying safe this year requires more effort than ever before. As professional cleaners, we recognize the importance of a safe public venue and workplace with many high-touch surfaces. Door handles, handrails, and countertops are among the most touched while every business model has a unique workflow and spread of items that are touched regularly by many people.

These high-touch surfaces have become higher-risk zones for cross-person infection. Fortunately, it’s also easy to disinfect a surface in a matter of seconds. With the right cleaning methods and a few practical daily habits, you can ensure that your business’ high-touch zones remain safe for both customers and employees throughout the day.

Let’s dive into the tools and methods you can use to easily keep your high-touch surfaces safe.


Supplies for Sanitising Maintenance of High-Touch Surfaces

  • Disinfectant Solution
    • Ex: Isopropyl Alcohol of 70% or Stronger
  • Adjustable Spray Bottles
    • Fine spray to cover a wide area with disinfectant
  • Disinfectant Wipes
    • Quick effective disposable wipes
  • Wash Cloths
    • Reusable cloths soaked in cleaner
  • Washcloth Gloves
    • Handy quick-wipe cleaning gloves
  • Pocketed Aprons and Toolbelts
    • Tie-on pockets to carry & use cleaning supplies en-route


Habits to Keep High-Touch Surfaces Safe

1. Disinfectant Wipes or Spray

Cleaning surfaces against infectious spread is all about lowering the probability. It’s tough to get 100% of all microorganisms off a surface, but you can clean 80-95% of them with just a quick application of disinfectant. There are two approaches that tie neck-in-neck for the most efficient quick-disinfecting method for surfaces.

The first is a fine spray of disinfectant, followed by a swipe of any towel, sponge, or rag. Just keep you swiping material soaked in disinfectant or changed out frequently.

The second is carrying disinfectant wipes. They’re easy and come in a pack. They don’t require a bucket or spray bottle and they do the job just as well. Wipes create a little more waste but they are perfect in the right situation.

2. Sanitize at Set Intervals – Opening, Lunch, Closing

For any location with high-touch surfaces, it’s important to clean every day, and multiple times a day to maintain safety. The best way to do this is with a schedule. Wipe down surfaces when opening and closing each day. Choose one to five additional intervals throughout the work-day to revisit high-touch surfaces and sanitise them again so that microorganisms have little chance to build up or cause a significant risk.

3. Wipe Handles & Railing As You Walk Past

The next strongest strategy is an as-you-go approach. Have one person or the entire team carry disinfecting supplies with them (or store supplies near key surfaces) and disinfect every time you pass. Wipes can make this a quick and easy task that takes little more time than simply walking by. Make the most of the steady traffic around high-touch areas and get everyone to pitch in with in-passing sanitisation.

4. Install an Auto Cleaner Spray System

Your final option is to install automatic sprayers that dispense sanitiser at set or remotely controlled periods. For key areas like high-touch handrailings, countertops, and restrooms, it may be cost-effective and practical for a sanitising installation. Tiny remote-controlled nozzles can be set to release a fine spray of fast-drying sanitising liquid. Like spritz of hand sanitiser for your high-touch surfaces, you don’t even need an automatic squeegee to keep daily surface germs at bay.


Professional Expertise in Commercial Cleanliness

Here at Regional Services, we specialise in cleanliness for commercial spaces. Now more than ever, every business needs  to up their game and become aware of the new cleaning requirements to fight airborne and surface-transmitted illness. Let us help you both improve your in-house cleaning and provide the deep cleaning services that high-touch businesses need. Please reach out and get in touch to discuss designing the ideal cleaning routine for all-day and year-round safety. We can help you determine the best combination of staff carefulness and professional cleaning services to perfectly suit the workflow, space, and requirements of your business.

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