4 Commercial Cleaning Tips to Try at Home

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4 Commercial Cleaning Tips to Try at Home

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Keeping your house clean is critical now more than ever in helping to keep your family safe and healthy. However, you may need to take the time to go above and beyond your regular cleaning regimen in order to reduce your exposure to COVID-19. If you are looking for new ways to ensure that you are keeping your home as clean as possible, you should consider looking at how businesses keep their facilities clean. Considering businesses have to abide by strict health and safety protocols and are working harder than ever to keep their facilities clean, looking at commercial cleaning methods may give you a better idea of how you can best keep your home clean. Here is a look at 4 commercial cleaning tips you should consider implementing at home.

Maintain a Cleaning Checklist

One thing you will often see commercial facilities do in order to stay on top of cleaning is to create a cleaning checklist. This is a list that shows what tasks need to be completed at what time each day, and by whom they will be completed. This is something that can be extremely helpful for you to implement at home as well. Even if you do not have a large home, it can be easy to lose track of what cleaning has and hasn’t been done recently. By keeping a checklist of what cleaning needs to be done, and keeping a log of when you have done certain tasks, it will be much easier to ensure that you are staying on top of sanitization and cleanliness in your home.

Thorough Carpet Cleaning is Key

If you have carpeting and/or large area rugs in your home, it is critical that you clean them thoroughly and regularly. The fact is that carpeting can trap dirt, dust, and allergens, and it can be a breeding ground for potentially harmful viruses, mould, and bacteria. This is why commercial facilities will often vacuum high traffic areas on a daily basis and deep clean frequently. In your home, you likely will only need to vacuum 2-3 times a week, however, more frequent vacuuming can reduce the build-up of contaminants. It is also important that you have your carpeting deep cleaned professionally at least once a year.

Sanitize Surfaces Frequently

When spending time in stores and restaurants, it is likely that you have noticed people sanitizing surfaces more frequently than ever before. Many commercial facilities are employing frequent sanitization practices for hard, frequently touched, surfaces; often sanitizing consistently throughout the day. This is an important practice to consider implementing at home as well. The fact is that viruses and bacteria can easily spread throughout your home and infect its inhabitants via contact with hard surfaces such as counter tops, doorknobs, and railings. Disinfecting these surfaces regularly can help to reduce the spread of infections in your home. In particular, electronic devices that are frequently used such as phones, computers, tablets, and TV remotes are common breeding grounds for bacteria and should be disinfected between uses.

Try Investing in a Multi-Surface Disinfectant

If you plan on sanitizing frequently touched surfaces regularly, you will need to make sure that you have the right cleaning products for these surfaces. However, buying separate products for your wood, stone, tile, and metal surfaces can get costly. Additionally, constantly switching out products would slow down the cleaning process. This is another place where learning from commercial cleaning techniques can be helpful. Workers in commercial facilities often use multi-purpose disinfectants that are safe to use on a variety of surfaces, as this can help to save time and money when cleaning large spaces. Next time you are stocking up on cleaning supplies, try to look for a multi-surface disinfectant that you can use on surfaces throughout your home.

Applying commercial cleaning tips to your home cleaning routine can ultimately help you to save time and money while ensuring that your home is as safe and clean as possible. Contact us to learn more about tips for keeping your home or office clean.

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