The festive season is very nearly here, and it’s one of the busiest periods for many companies. Sales increase, clients want everything finishing early before the Christmas holidays and some of your staff may fall ill with flu or a winter bug. This combination can cause chaos in any office!

The key to success is always preparation. As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail! Learn from the mistakes of past holiday seasons to ensure this one goes ahead without a hiccup. Of course, the exact preparation needed will differ for every business, depending on which sector you work in and your sales forecast, etc. But there are also some general things you can get done which can make Christmas in the office run more smoothly. Here’s our top tips.

  1. picture of staff in an office

    Do you need temporary staff?

Many businesses need a helping hand at this time of year, and choose to hire a team of temporary holiday staff. You might think this is only applicable to retail and hospitality – but could your company cope if five people called in sick on the same day? Sometimes it’s better to be well prepared and overstaffed than understaffed. Winter and the Christmas period has the highest amount of sick rates, so it’s good to have an extra person on standby.

  1. Organise the Christmas party early

There are many reasons why the Christmas party should be organised well in advance. Firstly, you can often get a discount when booking which is great for the budget. But the Christmas period is stressful for everyone, trying to fit in a number of social events and shopping trips and family activities. Make it easy for your staff by setting a date early, and making sure everyone can have a stress-free evening.

  1. Secure the office while it’s closed over the holidayspicture of a near empty office

When it’s finally time to take some time off and enjoy a turkey Christmas dinner, you don’t want to be worrying about the office. Many companies close for a week or two over the holidays, and criminals know this is a great opportunity. Don’t let all that extra work in the run up to Christmas go to waste by falling victim to a burglary. If you don’t have 24 hour security on site, consider hiring a key holder and alarm response service to put your mind at ease.

Bring on the busy Christmas period – good luck.

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