3 Reasons Every Office Needs a Handyman

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3 Reasons Every Office Needs a Handyman

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If your office is in a serviced building, you may have your own property maintenance department which takes care of all your odd jobs for your business. However if you don’t have your own team of professional contractors on hand, then you really need a qualified handyman. Rather than having to call a range of skilled contractors such as painters and decorators, plumbers and carpenters, a handyman is your go-to guy for everything you can’t do yourself.

Here are the three main reasons why every office should have a handyman.

  1. Multi-skilled expertphoto of a hammer hitting a nail

It is a professional in a range of skills and maintenance professions which makes them very ‘handy’ to have around! Whether you need the electrics looking at or a shelf hanging, they’re there to help with whatever needs doing. They are often trained in skills such as decorating, painting, tiling and carpentry. Many of them can also offer the basics in extra services such as plumbing. Additionally, a handyman can advise on any further services you might need if they can’t fulfil the job themselves. What sort of business wouldn’t benefit from having a multi-skilled expert around?

  1. No job too big or small

Offices are busy places, and a handyman understands that there is often no time for managers to complete even the simplest of tasks. They are there to support the business in any way required, so there is no job too small or large. From putting up pictures or assembling furniture to re-tiling the kitchen, all jobs will be done to the highest of standards.

  1. Cost effective site supportimage of a range of tools laid on a table

Hiring one person rather a variety of different companies can help save money in the long run. Businesses have the option of hiring their own handyman as a permanent member of staff, or hire a handyman service from a local services provider. Depending on the size of the office building and how much work needs doing on a regular basis, you can choose the most appropriate and cost effective option. Having a helpful staff around can also save valuable time researching contractors.

An office without a handyman is like cheese without wine – it won’t function to its full potential. Find out more about hiring your own pay-as-you-go handyman services from Regional Services.

Regional Services

Regional Services

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