18 Home Exercises to Keep You Active During the Covid-19 Lockdown

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18 Home Exercises to Keep You Active During the Covid-19 Lockdown

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Here in the UK, we are doing everything we can to contain the viral spread. This has led to another phase of lock-downs and most of us are advised to stay home or close to home as much as possible. For those of us seek regular fitness activities, this new lockdown once again limits our access to local gyms and parks where we would normally exercise. Fortunately, there are many ways to stay active and healthy at home or in your neighbourhood within the bounds of the lockdown restrictions. Whether you’re looking to keep your body moving or to work up a serious daily sweat, we’re here to provide a few helpful ideas on staying active this year during the continuing COVID-19 lockdown policies.  

Fun Exercises to Get Started

Not everyone is a practiced athlete, but we still need daily physical activity. So we’re getting started with three types of exercise that anyone can do from home – even if a formal workout is not your jam. With that, we suggest getting your blood pumping with a good jam-out.

Dance to Energetic Music

Music may soothe the savage beast, but it also gets your body shaking whether you planned to dance or not. Everyone loves a good rock-out and, believe it or not, this is an excellent way to warm up for a daily exercise. Rock out hard enough, and it becomes your daily exercise. Pick your favourite dance music, whether you’re jumping around the living room or have pushed the furniture to the walls to practice your old dance routines.

Do Chores Very Quickly

Want to stay active without officially exercising? Race yourself through your regular daily tasks. You can work up a sweat and feel quite accomplished by getting the laundry, dishes, and regular cleaning in your house done at record speeds. Start a stop-watch timer on your phone or computer, then try to finish your daily chores as quickly as possible. Tomorrow, try to beat your best time. Turn the usual trudge into an activity that can and will keep you physically fit.

Try a Beginner’s Yoga Routine

Want a more relaxed and structured introduction to home exercise? Look up guided yoga classes and videos and follow along at the beginner level. This will start with stretching and introduce balance and toning exercises that will eventually lead to a rewarding yoga practice. If yoga isn’t your thing, try other guided beginner classes designed for at-home learners.    

Body Weight Exercises

The best exercises to do inside your home are body weight exercises. These are workout routines you can do that don’t require any equipment and only a small amount of space. You can find guides and diagrams for each exercise to ensure your form is correct. Pick a few of your favourite body weight exercises or try out a few each day until you build a routine that feels right for your body. Try to reach a cardio heartrate and maintain it for at least five minutes per body weight workout.

·        Jumping Jacks

·        Pushups

·        Squats

·        Kicks

·        Planking

·        Crunches

·        Windshield Wipers

·        Twists

·        Lunges

·        Jumping

·        Knee-Ups

·        Squat-Thrusts


Outdoor Exercises

During the current COVID-19 lockdown policies, we can leave the house for exercise once a day – provided we are alone or only exercise with our household, support, or childcare bubbles. You can enjoy your local courtyard or back garden all day long within the safety of your household bubble, as well.

Walk or Run Around the Block (Once a Day)

Walking is one of the most healthy and easy ways to stay fit during a lockdown.  Wakling for just five minutes a day can improve your blood pressure, digestion, and improve your body shape. Walking 20 minutes to an hour each day will begin to yield some serious benefits. If you like to run, take yourself around the block or around the neighbourhood as many times as you like during your once-a-day exercise outing.

Play Backyard Football and Ball Games

For those with a back garden or courtyard, you can still enjoy a game of pick-up football within your household and support bubbles. Play with the wall, with your family members, and with neighbours within your bubble to enjoy a fun and active game every day. Football not your thing? Hang a basketball hoop, set up a tether-ball pole, draw 4-square on the pavement, or just play fetch with your dog.

Practice Climbing Trees

Last but certainly not least, there’s the casual fitness ABC (always be climbing). Climbing is fun and uses a wide variety of your muscles. For the young and springy members of your household, climbing trees can be a great way to stay active without needing to leave the neighbourhood or buy equipment. Try tree-climbing and encourage your children to safely enjoy the local sturdy trees during outdoor play time.
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