4 Tips for Keeping a Winning Washroom


Hygiene is really important in any public space, especially in public washrooms. The office toilet or washrooms will be used frequently throughout the day, and you should want to ensure that each user has a pleasant experience. Not only will a clean and hygienic bathroom keep germs and sickness at bay, but it can make … Read More

How to Keep Employees Happy and Engaged


The importance of keeping staff engaged and satisfied at work is touted by many business leaders; engaged employees are more productive and loyal, and therefore bring more revenue into the company. Focusing on employee motivation and happiness can also help to improve company culture to attract and retain the best talent. There are various ways … Read More

Start of the Year Maintenance Checklist 2018


2018 is well underway, and if you want to start the year efficiently then it’s time to start making lists and ticking them off. One of the most important lists to make, which should be a high priority, is a maintenance checklist. We’re all guilty of leaving those odd jobs around the building to another … Read More

How Safe is your London Office?


All employers need to check their commercial premises are safe to work in. Offices in London are located in a wide range of buildings, from Victorian townhouses to modern skyscrapers, but all must be considered safe and clean for staff and visitors. It’s a legal obligation, and the last thing you need is an expensive … Read More

5 Tips for Dealing with Office Waste


Dealing with office waste is an important part of office management, and systems should be regularly evaluated to see if they can be improved. One of the biggest concerns in commercial waste is that not enough is being recycled, and all businesses should be making an effort to increase their recycling remit.