Calculating the Value of Commercial Cleaning

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The cost of paying a commercial cleaner may just seem like an inconvenient regular outgoing payment that doesn’t provide a bankable return to your business. However, having a clean office and work environment is important to maintaining a happy workforce, as well as impressing clients and visitors. It may seem like it’s just another bill … Read More

Top Cleaning Supplies all Offices Should Have

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Out of all the things that managers and business owners need to think about, the latest and best eco-friendly cleaning products are not usually high on the agenda. However, having the most effective cleaning products is important for maintaining a spotless workspace and it is becoming increasingly important for products to be eco-friendly and less … Read More

Give your Office the Royal Treatment

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As we all know, the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is just around the corner and it provides the perfect opportunity to spruce up your office space to royal standards. A few additional cleaning services and some fun decorations could make your workspace spik and span in preparation for the big day … Read More

4 Ways We Can All Keep London Clean

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For some people, the image of London is inseparable with the dim and dusty vision of the city painted by Charles Dickens in numerous works – it doesn’t have the nickname “The Big Smoke” for nothing! Fortunately, things have advanced massively since the Dickensian era and these days London streets are generally scrubbed and spotless, … Read More

5 Ways to Keep Pests at Bay in Spring and Summer

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The warming temperatures of spring and summer aren’t just welcome news to us humans – all manner of domestic and commercial pests thrive in these seasons as well. While mice and rats may be a fairly constant complaint throughout the year, flies tend to breed more freely as springtime rolls around and by the time … Read More