How Dirty Air Vents Are Making Your Employees Sick

22/04/2019By Optus DigitalNews 1 Comment

We all know that a dirty office can impact employee health and wellbeing. We spend a large percentage of our week in our office or working environment, and if you cleanliness isn’t up to scratch, germs and bacteria can find their way into your employees bodies, resulting in sickness or infections.

Why you Should Keep your Office Kitchen Clean

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Your office kitchen is probably the area of your office used the most, by the largest amount of people. Office kitchens always see high amounts of foot traffic, but also experience heavy usage – especially with appliances such as coffee machines, microwaves, dishwashers, fridges and kettles being frequently in use throughout the day. At home … Read More

How to Find a Cleaning Job you Love

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Finding a job you love can be tricky no matter what industry or field you’re looking in. Cleaning jobs can be very competitive and hard to come by, meaning people often take what they can find. Often without giving much thought to how well the job is suited to them, or how much happiness the … Read More