Essential Office Cleaning and Maintenance for London Offices


If you own an office building in London, then you’ll know how important it is to keep it looking presentable in such a busy city. Whether it’s a small shared office in Shoreditch or a three storey commercial building in the City of London, all businesses need to take care of their premises. A clean … Read More

How to Improve Office Productivity


Have you noticed that the office has become more like a social hangout? Is output decreasing or the number of engaged and productive employees diminishing? If you feel like your workforce needs some much needed inspiration to focus on the job at hand, we’ve put together some great tips for improving office productivity. Efficiency is … Read More

Time is Money – so Start Banking it


For a business owner, time is a very valuable asset. In today’s busy modern life, everyone would like more time to get things done, time to relax and more time spent with family, but it’s difficult to fit it all in. It’s especially hard running a small business, because a lot of areas need constant … Read More

4 Reasons Commercial Cleaning saves Money


For many businesses, hiring a commercial cleaning company is a fantastic business decision. Not only will you be improving your corporate image with a premium standard of hygiene, but you’ll be able to enjoy a clean office for less. Hiring an in-house cleaner, even part-time can be costly compared to the price of contract cleaning. … Read More

London Office Support: How to Find Trustworthy Contractors


Small businesses in London have a hard time finding affordable office spaces and support services. While it’s easier to outsource cleaning, maintenance, IT support and other essential business needs, it can still be difficult finding the right support services at the right price. Most service providers require a contract so it’s important SMEs do some … Read More