Best London Office Locations


Choosing a location for your London office can be extremely difficult, especially as you might be priced out of many areas. The capital is in high demand when it comes to commercial property, and even serviced offices are becoming more expensive in many locations. Location is crucial for your business and it could actually be … Read More

4 Tips for Spring Cleaning the Office


Brits everywhere are celebrating the fact that spring is finally here! Lighter evenings and warmer weather is being welcomed across the country, as people embrace picnics and spring bank holidays outdoors. The season is also known for the annual ritual of cleaning and clearing out spaces. It’s a time for new beginnings, which can be … Read More

5 Types of People in Every Office


Working in an office like many of us do, you’re likely to meet a lot of different people with a range of personalities. You’ll probably have a few work colleagues who you enjoy sharing your workspace with, and undoubtedly a few other co-workers who you don’t get along with. While every workplace is different, it’s … Read More

Your Office’s Dirtiest Items and Appliances


Most of us make the effort to keep our homes clean – but can we say the same about our workplaces? The office is a hub for germs and bacteria, which is why viruses spread like wildfire. Even though the office is probably cleaned daily, after finding out just how dirty some appliances are you’ll … Read More

Top Requirements for a London Office


Thinking of expanding your company and opening a London office? Or perhaps you’re launching your business in the capital as part of ‘Startup Britain’ and need an office space to get going. Either way, companies of all sizes looking for commercial space in London need to make sure they are getting good value for money. … Read More