Top Requirements for a London Office


Thinking of expanding your company and opening a London office? Or perhaps you’re launching your business in the capital as part of ‘Startup Britain’ and need an office space to get going. Either way, companies of all sizes looking for commercial space in London need to make sure they are getting good value for money. … Read More

5 Benefits of a Handyman


You might not truly understand the benefits of having a handyman on call until you really need one. If you desperately need some maintenance work doing or don’t have the time to redecorate, a handyman can be invaluable. Any commercial building without a professional handyman could be in serious trouble! You don’t need to commit … Read More

4 Tips for Improving your Recycling Function


Do you want to be a sustainable business? Managing your waste effectively is the first step to becoming an environmentally conscious company. Offices and other business produce huge amounts of waste, and an estimated 90% of it could be recycled! Aside from the green reputation, recycling more could help cut costs as you’ll be avoiding … Read More

5 Office Decorating Tips


Are you planning on redecorating the office this year? If you think your building is in need of a revamp, then we have plenty of inspiration. Putting a fresh spin on office décor can vastly improve the appearance of the office, without having to break the bank. Interior design can have a positive impact on … Read More

The Importance of Good Site Staff


Site support staff keep your building and your business running – you may not see them often, but they are a vital part of the team. Without a reliable team of cleaners, handymen, pest control experts and caretakers, most people in a company wouldn’t be able to do their job properly. Site support staff clean … Read More