How to Keep Staff Motivated Through Summer


Productivity can often drop through the summertime – nobody likes working in hot sticky weather, and there are other distractions such as planning holidays and arranging childcare. When members of the team are on annual leave it can spark a wave of demotivation at a time when employees really need to up their game. When … Read More

Maintain your Office this Summer with Support Services


Keeping your business premises looking presentable isn’t an easy job. Regardless of whether you have a 10 floor office building or a small studio, maintaining the workspace is time consuming and business owners rarely have time for cleaning and tidying up. When summer comes around you also have to worry about the outdoor spaces – … Read More

End of Commercial Tenancy Cleaning Guide


If your office tenancy is coming a close this summer, then you might want to start thinking about a successful get out. You’ve got a brand new commercial space to look forward to, but it’s also important to leave a good impression on your current landlord. Tenancy agreements vary, but the resident company is likely … Read More

Why a Handyman is Essential for Summer


How many times have you ever tried to complete a job, but never got around to it? Those walls that need repainting, the light bulb that needs replacing, the faucet which needs tightening, the table which needs repairing…that list of small jobs just gets longer and longer, making them large, time consuming tasks. This is … Read More

What Changes does Summer Bring to the Office?


Summer is finally here – which unfortunately means that the last place your employees want to be is in the office! When we’re lucky enough to have to good weather we want to be outdoors enjoying the sunshine, rather than slogging away in a hot office. That’s why managers and business owners need to be … Read More