One of the many things that set us apart is that our Directors work in the business. They’re sticklers for quality and ensure we deliver this every single day. To ensure we provide the highest standard of work we’ve introduced a quality control system across all of our services.

Quality Monitoring

We insist on the following stringent monitoring:

Site Supervisors undertake a daily visual inspection of all areas of work and take any action required.

The important aspects will often vary from site to site, or time to time, so we tailor a different checklist for each section, contract or site, as agreed with our clients.

The area supervisor or manager completes a weekly checklist on the achieved standards and will take any action necessary in terms of supervision and motivating site staff to ensure the highest standards are maintained. This checklist is a straight-forward pass or fail system.

At each visit the area supervisor or manager will also reassess the training needs of the staff and this will be noted on the checklist along with ensuring all duties are completed at the correct intervals. They will also audit the cleaning stock held on site and make out an order of what stock will be required in the near future but will also ensure there are sufficient amounts to last till his next visit and the stock order arrives.

The operations director and company director will monitor the weekly checklist and carry out their own ad-hoc inspections, together with holding a regular meeting with clients.

Once a month, all three directors and all relevant staff hold a meeting to review all of the above to ensure we’re meeting our client's objectives. This open and frank forum is used to closely examine quality of service generally, standards of cleanliness being achieved and to set continuous performance objectives for the forthcoming period.

These commitments, together with our independent satisfaction surveys, ensures the quality of our service is everyone’s responsibility, regardless of size of contract or seniority of staff.

So you see, we don’t just claim to have a top-notch service. We put everything in place to ensure we have a top-notch service.


Training is an important part of quality control and we’re a member of the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS), and follow its training programmes.

Our cleaning staff are required to achieve induction skills to BICS level one prior to engagement which is one of the aspects of our extensive in house training schedule, carried out under the supervision of the company management.

Site supervisors and managers will be BICS level one trained, with a minimum of three years operational experience and will also have a visual inspection routine for daily monitoring. Site supervisors and managers will also have the ability to motivate and delegate to his or her respective team and must have fully completed and passed the additional elements of their in-house training schedule.

Area supervisors are required to have achieved BICS level one and two. At level two they will be able to train and motivate both cleaning staff and site supervisors or managers and will be aware of the need to constantly check the performance of those within his or her control.

All Contract Managers will be BICS levels one, two and three accredited. They will also have experienced outside management training in the form of the following courses: Time Management, Man-Management and Team Building, Budgetary Control, Customer Liaison and Problem Solving, Staff Evaluation and Development