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The Regional team is an ever growing group of experienced leaders in the cleaning industry. Regional Services prides itself on adopting a flat organisation structure, with each member of the team providing valuable input in the decision making process. Regional Services are a London Living Wage cleaning company meaning they pay their staff the London Living Wage, this results in happy, loyal and motivated staff which helps deliver a quality driven cleaning service. Regional Services provides its staff the opportunity to advance in their career by regularly providing training courses to staff. The staff at Regional are at the heart of everything they do.

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William Proctor


“I look after the marketing and administration of the company, always working to ensure we provide an excellent standard of service whilst keeping a very close eye on ensuring we are also excellent value for money.”

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Manuel Jardim


“I have overall responsibility for the operations and some of the administration of the business, but my real passion is building solid and fruitful long term relationships with our many valued customers.”


Donna O'Reilly

Sales Director

“I concentrate on keeping a close watch over the customer satisfaction aspects for Regional, which has enabled us to keep and build on our prestigious client base.”

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Ricardo Ferreira

Operations Manager

“I will always use my many years of experience to ensure that our clients are more than delighted with the services we provide as I closely manage and supervise the managerial team on a day to day basis.”

"At Regional Services we have a policy to treat all of our staff how we want them to treat our clients. This policy results in us building long term relationships with clients."

William Proctor

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Stacie O'Connell

Sales Manager

“I supervise a small telesales team, administer the sales department and start the vital relationships that Regional has with all its clients and potential clients alike”

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Artur Oliveira

Maintenance Manager

“My priority is always making sure that our customers are more than happy with our varied services, whether that be any specialist cleaning, our great Handyman service or maybe gardening or maintenance.”


Vanessa Seghani

Accounts Administrator

“I supervise the accounts team for the company to make sure the payroll and invoicing are carried out properly and accurately for the benefit of our clients and ensure the department runs smoothly.”

15 Eduardo 15

Eduardo Jesus

Contract Manager

“I sometimes work long hours with my cleaners to ensure they know their jobs and the best way of doing it, this ensures that my clients are always happy with the cleaning we do for them, which is the reward I want for the hours I put in”

14 Betty 14

Betty Solano

Contract Manager

“I love my job and take it very seriously as I believe what we do as a company makes a real difference to how our client companies perform, because the cleaning in their offices is now something that they do not even have to think about”


Marcus Lobow

Marketing Manager

“I take care of the Regional website and focus on bringing in new clients using digital marketing. I also communicate with clients to ensure we keep a long term relationship with them.”

18 Alexandra web

Alexandra Saraiva

Contract Manager

“I love the clients in my portfolio and I love dealing with them on a daily basis, but it only works like this when my cleaners are doing what they should, so because of this I pay a lot of attention to my cleaners and ensure they are well supervised and motivated”


Joanna Halczak

Credit Control

“I take numbers on pieces of paper to solve a problem you don’t know you have in a way you don’t understand.”

"Regional has been a great place to work. They have always been supportive of me learning and allow me to be flexible with my work during uni terms."

Marcus Lobow

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Jenna Ulysses


“I deal with initial telephone enquiries and clients who come into reception for appointments. I also ensure all meetings are booked and that quotes are sent out on time.”


Edyta Wereszczynski


“I provide administrative support to the Operations and maintenance Manager and the whole Operation Team to assure the smooth-running of a business. I also undertake a wide range of administrative tasks and coordinate general work activities with Managers/Supervisors and subcontractors to ensure compliance with company policies.”

17 Maria 17

Maria Antunes

Contract Manager

“The atmosphere here is so refreshing to other companies I have worked for, it’s great because we truly believe in what we do. Our cleaning staff enjoy the work they do for us and feel valued by the company, and a happy cleaner is a good cleaner!”

keri (3)

Keri Gordon

Field Sales Executive

“I am always out and about meeting with clients and potential clients. Meeting new people daily and building relationships with clients is one of the most satisfying aspects of my job.”

13 Elizabeth 13

Elizabeth Najera

Contract Manager

“I have been in the industry for many years at every level and I use this experience to ensure the cleaning staff under my control are all well trained and aware of their duties to ensure my clients are more than happy with the job we do for them”


Gorete Martins

Area Supervisor

Even though I’m new at regional, my aim is to work hard and build a good, trustworthy relationship with my clients and ensure my cleaners are doing a great job, which will make my career with Regional a success and me happy!”


Sian Ulysses

Field Sales Executive

“I go out and meet with potential new clients and provide them with quotes for their cleaning. I take pride in my job and help to build a long lasting relationship with the clients I meet.”

16 Edwin 16

Edwin Cardenas

Contract Manager

“I work hard to build good relationships with my clients but this can only work if my cleaners are always carrying out their jobs to a 100%, which they do. This then gives me and my clients the satisfaction to maintain the relationship.”

"I have worked at Regional from the beginning, they have given me the opportunity to grow my career progressing from sales associate to sales director"

Donna O’Reilly


Fabio Andrede


My job is to take care of all those annoying maintenance jobs for all our clients, big or small I can fix it, which is why they call me fix it Fabio!”


Luis Moreira

Area supervisor

I’ve been working for Regional for a few years now and even though I sometimes work long hours to ensure the job is being done properly, I really do enjoy what I do because when my clients are happy, I’m happy!”


Rosa Luis

Contracts Manager

“My responsibilities are to see clients and  cleaners on a daily bases. I carry out  site Audits, to insure that the cleaning is of a  high standards.”


Henry Hoover

Cleaning Specialist

“V V V V V V V V V V”

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