Operations - Meet our Team

Ricardo Ferreira – Operations Manager

I will always use my many years of experience to ensure that our clients are more than delighted with the services we provide as I closely manage and supervise the managerial team on a day to day basis. This ensures we are always keeping on top of everything we do, in our trademark friendly, professional and attentive manner.”
Betty Solano – Contracts Manager

14 Betty 14

“I love my job and take it very seriously as I believe what we do as a company makes a real difference to how our client companies perform, because the cleaning in their offices is now something that they do not even have to think about”

Alexandra Saraiva – Contracts Manager

18 Alexandra web

“I love the clients in my portfolio and I love dealing with them on a daily basis, but it only works like this when my cleaners are doing what they should, so because of this I pay a lot of attention to my cleaners and ensure they are well supervised and motivated”

Elizabeth Najera – Contracts Manager

13 Elizabeth 13

“I have been in the industry for many years at every level and I use this experience to ensure the cleaning staff under my control are all well trained and aware of their duties to ensure my clients are more than happy with the job we do for them”

Gorete Martins – Area Supervisor 


Even though I’m new at regional, my aim is to work hard and build a good, trustworthy relationship with my clients and ensure my cleaners are doing a great job, which will make my career with Regional a success and me happy!”

Jhoana Marin – Area Supervisor 


I work closely with the cleaning team to make sure they are all doing a good job. This sometimes means physically doing the job myself to show them how it should be done, which is often the best way!”

Artur Oliveira - Service Manager

11 Artur 11

“My priority is always making sure that our customers are more than happy with our varied services, whether that be any specialist cleaning, our great Handyman service or maybe gardening or maintenance. Whichever service you need, I will make sure it is delivered to a great standard, on time and on budget”

Eduardo Jesus – Contracts Manager

15 Eduardo 15

“I sometimes work long hours with my cleaners to ensure they know their jobs and the best way of doing it, this ensures that my clients are always happy with the cleaning we do for them, which is the reward I want for the hours I put in”

Maria Antunes – Contracts Manager

17 Maria 17

“I am fairly new to Regional but find the atmosphere here so refreshing to other companies I have worked for, it’s great because we truly believe in what we do. Our very important cleaning staff enjoy the work they do for us and feel valued by the company, and a happy cleaner is a good cleaner!”

Edwin Cardenas – Contracts Manager

16 Edwin 16

“I work hard to build good relationships with my clients but this can only work if my cleaners are always carrying out their jobs to a 100%, which they do. This then gives me and my clients the satisfaction to maintain the relationship and also the appreciation of the cleaners in what they do for us”

Luis Moreira – Area Supervisor


I’ve been working for Regional for a few years now and even though I sometimes work long hours to ensure the job is being done properly, I really do enjoy what I do because when my clients are happy, I’m happy!”

Filipe Sousa – Handyman 

Filipe 1

My job is to take care of all those annoying maintenance jobs for all our clients, big or small I can fix it, which is why they call me fix it Filipe!”